Pleasure and Pain

It is through tasting pleasure and pain in your sexual expression that you knowingly invite the taboo. The true expression of our spirit is to be free. Our inner being wants to experience a sensual awakening. Why would any pleasure seeker want to be at the mercy of another, possibly blindfolded, unable to protect themselves from an unknown? For the very irresistible sensual thrill of it, of course!

Along with the opportunity to experiment with sensual fulfillment, with techniques that may ultimately lead to the sensual ever after, being restrained intensifies the sensations. This sensual game employs the kinds of touches and directs foreplay outside of the recipient’s control.

There’s no doubt about it, well placed trust is the number one component for this sexual/sensual scenario to work. Without it, the mind worries. Worry leads to tension that becomes hyper-sensitivity.

Worry has never been the foundation for extreme pleasure. It is the anathema to pleasure. That is why in sensual bondage especially, real trust is absolutely necessary. With trust, fear doesn’t hinder the natural and supernatural evolvement that this delicious sensual encounter produces.

It should be stated that opposites go hand in hand in the creation of orgasm. They are two sides of the same coin. When an orgasm is at its most extreme, it fluctuates between the two sensations.

The difference between Bondage and Discipline aka B&D, and Sado-Masochism aka S&M is the kinds of sensory stimulation, with S&M being much more extreme than B&D. B& D is not meant for humiliation or extreme pain.

Those are the intentions of S&M, where the ‘bottom’ wants psychological and physical discomfort and the ‘top’ wants to give it.

With the inclusion of pleasure and pain in sexual play the emphasis is on producing sensual surprises, not with pain per say, but with psychological and physical limitations that take the recipient beyond what their imagination considers normal in creating sexual pleasure. When you’ve experienced the intensity of pain, only then can you truly appreciate the delirious sensations of pleasure.

Why would anyone knowingly give another carte blanche to their sensual areas? For the sensual experience, of course! As much as you may enjoy sex for pleasure, it is a rare person who goes beyond sensual enjoyment and allows stimulation to go to its most intense conclusion.

We’re programmed to go just far enough rather than to the most intense sensations we can enjoy. Allowing those pleasure and pain sensations are for the sensual junkie, the one who realizes that if pleasure releases feel-good endorphins during orgasm, intense pleasure must release even more of those endorphins, making us feel even more excited and thus even more satisfied.

To my knowledge, there is no study so far that compares intensities of orgasms had either with and then without intentional sensual pain. That would certainly be an interesting study, for sure.

But in the meantime, the connoisseurs of this fetish experience an orgasmic release like no other. It certainly is not for the faint of heart.

No other sexual technique rivals the psychological and physical sensations of pleasure and pain. It laughs in the face of reason for pleasure’s sake. Maybe that is why so many sensual couples include it as the rarest and greatest spice in their sexual relationship.

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