Pleasure Parties

Not All home Sex Toy Parties are Created Equal

Pleasure Parties are a unique opportunity to learn about our potential for sensual pleasure in a private, comfortable and relaxed environment. With a knowledgeable consultant at the helm, learning about sensual pleasure is delightful, rather than embarrassing.


Although the business of Sex Toy parties began with one company in 1974, it has since morphed into thousands of individual entrepreneurs, many who believe that ‘sex sells’ itself, and that with very little effort, they can make big bucks.  Any woman who is willing to invest in the wholesale cost of a kit to show at her parties can own a traveling erotica business, make her own policies and blame the poor quality of her products on someone else (usually, the manufacture, usually with no recourse). 

Pleasure Party customers are obviously seeking pleasure. Properly done, these events are a celebratory resurrection of our sexuality as was practiced in ancient times.  They must be done with sensitivity and compassion.  We need to reconnect with our humanity and our true purpose—creativity. Customers expect a good time, good service and satisfying toys.  In essence, the entire transaction should be pleasurable!  It is at the pleasure party that we learn that pleasure is not only possible, it is encouraged. The very Yang attitude of ‘get in, get out’ is not the foundation on which they were created and does not work well in the venue.

As with everything, sexuality is a double-edged sword.  Since so many believe that ‘sex sells’ and there's nothing to learn or share, this industry has attracted some unsavory and uninformed individuals who are not above leaving you 'high and dry' with no recourse. 

Finding a reputable Sensuality Consultant


So, whether you hire a Sensuality Consultant or a Representative you find on-line, ask for referrals.   If a favorite rep is no longer available, ask these pertinent questions:

      1. How long have you been doing these presentations?

     2. Which of your products is your favorite and why?

     3. Is there a fee for hosting a presentation?

     4. Do I have to sort the products or is that done as part of the service? 

     5. What do I receive for being a host?

     6. Is this a cash and carry business or must we order?

     7. What is the wait time to receive orders placed at the presentation?

     8. What are your payment methods?

     9. Are men and females under 19 allowed?

     10. How many guests are necessary to constitute a presentation?

     11. Who do I go to in case any of the products are defective?

     12.  Do you have a web – site? Can orders be placed through there?

These questions are very telling about the rep's professionalism.  For example, if she doesn’t have any favorite products or isn’t willing to share, she may be uninformed and if so, what's she going to talk about at your party?    

If she charges a fee, what does that cover, if anything? 

The same goes for Hostess Credit—What's your Cut?

Pleasure Parties are basically a Yin (or feminine) approach

 If the Rep is growing a business she’ll want referrals.  Answering these questions are expected as part of the home Sex Toy Party package. It is here that women will share intimate concerns, recommendations and encouragement with other women is a gentle, loving, intuitive approach to sexuality.  If the feminine mystique is present, growth will occur in this estrogen rich environment.

And lastly, is she where the buck stops? 

If she isn’t willing to stand behind her products and services, and she just wants to get in and get out, that Yang way of taking care of business will leave a very ‘sour taste’ behind in this Yin business where time well spent is the essence of good service. 

Final Recommendation

Since there’s no regulatory body overseeing home Sex Toy Party entrepreneurs, I would recommend that you ask friends for referrals and the right questions of the rep.  Sex Toy Parties are potentially one of the most fun, exciting, positive, educational, necessary and memorable evenings available today.  Women who approach doing Pleasure Parties only as a means of making a buck, can be extremely disappointing on all fronts, since they have no personal insights to offer.

But for the truly free-spirited women who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise with their audience, Pleasure parties have the potential to be one of the most memorable kinds of evenings that we can enjoy today.

Done correctly with knowledge and professionalism, these gatherings impact guests positively, encouraging them to love themselves and from that love, to be able to love others.  

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