Pleasure Rooms

Pleasure rooms abound in all areas of the country, mostly rural areas, with the best facilities for couples. In the mountains, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, lovers are encouraged to spend romantic time together. All for the delight of sensual experimentation, excitement, stimulation in an exclusively adult oriented setting.

The actual rooms themselves are decorated with passion in mind. Modern art, hot, sexy colors and designs, and the perfect placement of furniture allow lovers to immerse themselves in fantasy while enjoying each other anew.

Many of these romance havens have built in champagne glass tubs, and private pools within the pleasure rooms’ environment encouraging the sensual life so that all of your sensual fantasies can come true. Practical weightlessness and a variety of any positions or scenarios are possible.

Along with the extra amenities, the entire hotel compound is conducive to romance. Trees line the well paved roads, as well as pleasure boats abound for romantic excursions. Romance can be found while walking in the woods or in a western pleasure saddle, as horse back riding is usually within a few miles of every facility.

Meals are artfully centered at large round tables for guests to share with other guests, friend style, or brought directly to your own room as requested.

Vast selections of culinary delights, beautiful, exotic desserts tempt your palate. Enjoy at the dinner table or off your lover’s belly for a late night treat. From the presentation of the food, to the placement of flowers, everything points to romance, closeness, beauty, and time spent together to enjoy one another.

One of the more obvious extra’s is the vibrating bed. Slip in a few dollars and get thirty minutes worth of reverberation, whether it is for that much needed sensual massage full body, or for more specific areas. It’s just another detail that lends itself to pleasure. And, why not? You’re worth it!

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