Pleasure Seeker

Are you a pleasure seeker? Do you look for comfort, fun, joy and good times in your free time? If you believe that life is meant to be enjoyed, you may very well be a seeker of pleasure.

If you believe that normal sexuality, that is man and woman in missionary position, is too boring and your idea of fun is using sensual toys and having sex for pleasure, then you are ripe for your sensual awakening and well on your way to seeking your personal brand of pleasure.

Since there can be so many repercussions from having unfullfilling sex, i.e. unwanted pregnancy, STD’s, relationships, etc., instead of being taught to view sex for pleasure and as sensual surprises and smorgasbord of enjoyment, we teach our high school young to fear and avoid it until after they are married.

Then we wonder why modern sexuality is so fraught with sexually dysfunctional, premature ejaculation, woman unable to orgasm, and sensual couples unable to relax into their sexual bliss.

Brand Concious

You can’t increase your pleasure when you’ve been taught that something is wrong, dirty, sinful, etc., and then just because they sign a legal document that it suddenly becomes ‘all right’.

When it comes to pleasure, sexual and otherwise, we need to teach self love, respect, and responsibility, especially in the sexual relationship, not fear.

Only then can we expect our youth to seek their pleasure in a wholesome, loving way. Relationships based on a foundation of fear lead to regret. Relationships based on love cause growth, both mental and spiritual.

Trying to scare our youth into avoiding sex because they will contract a disease does little to nothing to discourage teenagers from acting promiscuously or carelessly. When those hormones start raging, teenagers in particular are the greatest number of pleasure seekers in our society.

Instead of teaching them to avoid the inevitable, teach them what they need to know so they can make informed, educated choices. Sticking your head in the sand and pretending that this basic human urge won’t affect you is a naïve approach to the sensual awakening that is bound to happen, whether on purpose or through nocturnal emissions.

Personal pleasure is as unique to the individual as their taste in food, music, friends and recreational activities. In a well rounded sexual education, pleasure and pain need to be discussed and understood so that the ramifications of pleasure without responsibility can be avoided.

A pleasure seeker will seek to embrace his or her pleasure because it is the natural thing to do. They should be armed reliable, helpful, information based on self love and acceptance rather than on fear to find their bliss.

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