Prostate Massage Sensual

Allowing and appreciating a prostate massage sensual in nature is the mark of an aware, sensual man. He's the kind of guy who understands his body’s potential for pleasure and multi orgasm.

He is secure in his sexual orientation and not concerned by the opinions of narrow-minded individuals who are ruled by archaic ideas of what is wrong, right, acceptable or desirable.

The man who can appreciate a sensual prostate massage is not necessarily gay. Gay men have long known that to have an extremely intense orgasm, the prostate must be rubbed deeply, consistently, with finesse, lubrication and a latex gloved hand.

This aware fellow just accepts all of his body parts for their true functions and does not cast aspersions or make prejudicial judgements on what parts are currently socially acceptable in achieving that pleasure.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every man could enjoy his body the same way, without prejudice or shame? Unfortunately, if you ask the average man on the street if he’d like his prostate massaged, most would react horrified or look insulted at the suggestion. Are you suggesting that he's gay? That’s the first knee-jerk response.

Others would become defensive, believing that if you enjoy sensual prostate stimulation that immediately categorizes you as effeminate.

This kind of prejudice for any body part is harmful in the long run. Casting any body part as undesirable, or unworthy of any attention, including sensual massage, eventually sets up a negative dynamic in the body. Regarding it as something you’d rather not think about or have touched, plants seeds of discontent within the psyche.

The old adage, ‘use it or lose it’ is meant for all the body, mind, muscles and prostate, as well as all of your other parts. Let go of your prejudices.

If your lover is willing to stimulate and titillate the prostate massage sensual for your pleasure, open your mind to enjoy the experience.

All it takes is a well lubricated finger, a relaxed body, and a genuine acceptance of this body part as normal. Make sure the recipient is slightly sexually excited before you begin, as the rectum is more open when relaxed.

Put the finger in up to the second knuckle and rub to the front of his body. The movement is small, about a quarter inch back and forth. Make sure you go slowly and make sure your nails are trimmed. Better still, wear latex gloves over those trimmed nails.

Limiting your appreciation for your body because of archaic attitudes about it is not only unhealthy, but limits your potential for sexual pleasure.

The prostate is known as the male G spot. Stimulating the prostate with massage keeps it healthy and working, and opens up the possibility for male multi orgasm.

When you decide that the prostate massage sensual in nature acknowledges this body part, the results of this kind of massage lead to proper sexual function and greater sexual health and pleasure.

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