Prostate Pleasure

The only way any one can experience prostate pleasure, is to abandon their prejudices about this body part and look rationally at its potential and ability.

To understand and appreciate this body part, it is first necessary to let go of any societal prejudices we have regarding prostate stimulation.

Relegated as something only gays do, many heterosexual men deny themselves the health benefits of regular prostate stimulation because of its implied stigma.

When it comes to their functions, we as a society should not place any stigmas on any area of the body.

Every body part has its function. To stay healthy, keep that in mind when you assist in keeping their functionality working properly for a lifetime. In the case of the prostate, that would be to produce fluid, aid in pregnancy, and act as a sexual energy channel in the creation of the male multi orgasm.

Just like the other organs in the body, the more you use it, the more efficiently it works. The prostate is meant to work before, during and after sexual stimulation, producing the fluid that the sperm swim in when they are being forcefully ejaculated from the penis.

If there has been adequate prostate stimulation, either directly or indirectly, it produces more fluid than it usually does, making his orgasm considerably more intense.

What that means for the quality of the male orgasm is substantial. It’s the difference between ejaculating a quarter teaspoon, or producing enough fluid to ejaculate ten times more. How intense the orgasm is depends on whether the P Spot was directly and intentionally stimulated or whether it was just on automatic pilot in its fluid production.

When I refer to direct prostate stimulation, I mean anal penetration with a latex gloved finger up to the second knuckle, whereby the middle finger’s top pad would be facing the prostate. By indirect stimulation of the prostate, I refer to the strokes done to the perineum, which is the area just below the prostate, the actual seam of his body.

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