Sagittarius Sexuality

So you think you want to take a ride with Sagittarius sexuality, the embodiment of a Centaur ? Well, if you’re fast on your feet, both mentally and physically, the Sag man could possibly be for you.

But it’s not an easy ride, especially if you don’t like sex. Sag man is half man, half beast.

Jupiter makes him larger than life, and in many ways, he is.

Physically strong, he generally has the hard body every woman craves.

Because of his natural masculine physique and his charismatic carefree character, women easily fantasize about him.

In his youth and throughout his twenties, he allows himself to be a boy toy, forever looking for the woman who approaches sex like he does: as a path to pleasure like no other and as an addition to his expansion.

More than any other sign, Sagittarius Sexuality is a woman’s rough-and-tumble sexual fantasy come to life.

He is enviably free of insecurities and inhibitions.

He’s the consummate stud, with sizable ‘equipment’ that befits his horsey symbol.

Sagittarius may be the most adventurous soul on the astrological wheel.

That adventure extends into his sex life as well.

He’s a risk taker, which can result in either great personal gain or great peril.

This man is not for the weak at heart.

No doubt about it, Sagittarius sexuality really likes to push the envelope, both physically and mentally.

The consummate male chauvinist, he is constantly sizing up every female within view, deciding her sex appeal based on her looks, and unapologetically dismissing any who aren’t up to model status.

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In fact, regardless of how handsome or homely he is, he always goes for the most glamorous, loving, attractive woman. He figures, why not?

If he is handsome, he is very handsome and plays up his attractiveness for all he can to get whatever he wants, both personally and professionally.

Although he will sow lots of oats before he finds his true love, he doesn’t deal in trifling casual relationships.

He is very discerning when it comes to finding a life partner.

Basically, he wants a monogamous, permanent relationship once all his oats are sown.

She must be beautiful with a jovial nature that he’ll prize more than her beauty.

If Sag isn’t having sex, he’s thinking about having it, or as is frequently the case, enjoying sex by him self as his is a ravenous sexual appetite.

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From his youth and much into his adulthood, his prime occupation is to find a female who will approach sex as the electrifying journey to pleasure.

Not so interested in pleasing his partner or himself, he focuses on the experience of the sexual act to meld with his partner.

It is his way of synthesizing life’s inherent opposing forces in fusion.

In sex, one plus one equals one.

It is often said that sex with a Sagittarius is superlative.

Because he abandons himself to the sexual experience so much so, Sagittarius sexuality lasts for marathon sessions, whereupon the woman can take the reins and run with it.

Sex is ecstatic and sustaining this rapturous pleasure has never been a problem for Sagittarius sexuality.

Blessed with the ability to ‘become one’ within the carnal act, he can relax for quite a long time without popping his cork.

Meanwhile, his lover reaps the obvious benefits.

Sag man embodies the notions that letting go sexually will help you ride out any failings or idiosyncrasies.

Not much into the minutia of life, he rarely stops to analyze or heal any of the rifts that occur in his life, believing they will work themselves out.

For this reason, many would-be partners don’t feel that he deals with his issues enough to sustain a healthy relationship.

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