Satin Blindfold

Of all the pleasure toys in erotica-land, a satin blindfold is one of the most powerful, because by limiting sight, you create an atmosphere of fantasy.

When you cannot see the ‘reality’ of your situation, you're left with your imagination, creating in it anything that you can enjoy.

Since the orgasm begins in the mind, you can imagine whatever you like as the food for your excitement. The more ‘meat’ you add to the bone, the more excited you’ll get, and the easier it will be to have an orgasm.

Satin Blindfold

For most sighted people, the sense of sight is the sense they rely on most to get them through the day. When you limit the sense of sight temporarily, your body automatically heightens all of the other senses. You’re in anticipation. It’s like you’re putting your body on high alert!!

Fortunately, all you should have to be alerted about is that your lover is going to explore every nook and cranny of your body, and you won’t be able to see them doing it; but you’ll be able to feel it, smell it, and possibly taste the experience without sight. You may even start fantasizing!!!

It’s true you can limit sight by just closing your eyes, but as soon as you open them, reality hits. If you were working on a fantasy, the fantasy’s over as soon as you open your peepers. Nope! To increase the power of your imagination, you have to temporarily give up this very important sense, and that happens best with a blindfold.

Needless to say, a blindfold should only be used with a partner who has deserved your highest trust. It is not a power you should give over to just any casual lover.

There are many different types of material for blindfolds out there, one most certainly to appeal to every one’s tastes. Make sure the material is comfortable and doesn’t impede breathing.

To increase the sensuality of our sexuality, with a blindfold, the pleasure will be mostly in the mind. If the mind is excited, any touch gets the juices flowing and the imagination kicked into high gear.

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