Scorpio Sexuality

So, you’re interested in male Scorpio Sexuality? This is no sexy play date! This fellow means business--not only in business, in everything. Scorpio expects his mate to be his link to the outside world and, often, to take up all the slack—-better known as the house, the kids, all administrative duties—-in what will undoubtedly become an increasingly rooted relationship.

He’s very intense. His sign’s motto is “I desire”.

That desire points not to mere want or will but deeper, often darker hidden yearnings that are daunting, if not most dreadful, to embrace.

Scorpio sexuality rules the genitals and so sex becomes a very significant part of his life.

He’ll sack lots of women before you come along, of that you can be sure, while he’s looking for THE ONE he can trust.

Earth signs such as Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn have a calming, stabilizing effect on the turbulent waters which the Scorpio soul represents.

Pisces Sexuality too, understands Scorpio because its soul has been there, done that, and just “gets” the Scorpion drama.

Whether the passionate Pisces wants to relive the drama again in this lifetime with a Scorpion is the question.

Elizabeth Taylor married then divorced, then re-married Richard Burton many years later.

Her Piscean nature was attracted to and fascinated by the depth that was Richard Burton (the Scorpio).

She needed a 10 year break before she wanted more


If you’re into playing mind games, don’t bother hooking up with Scorpio.

He is the master of mind games, and will leave you an emotionally weak sobbing heap.

Scorpio men love fantasy, the kinkier the better.

Their bedrooms are often strategically set up, ready for visitors.

But don’t let those beaucoup bucks and that high powered life-style seduce you.

Scorpions make a lot of money because they are diehard workaholics.

That which is going on inside of Scorpio is all that matters to him.

His own subjective nature becomes the prime objective, the only fact of life truly worth noting.

His workplace is his sanctuary, a shrine to his success.

He needs it to reflect his drive and ambitions.

Have respect for it and him when he’s in it.

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That will endear him to you all the more. Then when you’re in any other room in the house, he’ll show you why he is so worth the wait!

The opposite axis to Scorpio is Taurus, whose mantra is “I have”. Through Scorpio this becomes “we have”, but you’d better be sure he’s the one.

The Scorpion has a metaphoric deadly stinger, which on the physical plane wreaks revenge and havoc on the party (or parties) he believes have wronged him.

Scorpio Sexuality is dark, stormy, intense passion that is not everybody’s cup of tea.

But, if you have the sex drive, appreciation for the finer things in life, and enough courage to weather his stormy personae, Scorpio Sexuality can open new vistas and horizons, sexual and otherwise, that you could never have imagined.

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