Seek Pleasure

When summer’s hot, I seek pleasure in the shower.

I can feel the heat spreading out into my extremities, pushing out the little beads of sweat from the top of my head to the soles of my feet.

mint tree cleansing gel

In Ayurvedic body types, I’m a Pitta.

Pitta’s element is fire.

It doesn’t take much for Pittas to get heated.

Sometimes that’s good! Other times, adding gasoline to fire causes the body to sweat profusely even without exertion.

To control the sweat I look to the sensual enjoyment of mint.

I need to stay on top of these dog days of summer.

I don’t want to look like ‘who did it and ran’ or my clothes to stick to me like a rubber suit.

I’m going to stay cool and I'm going to do that with mint based products and drinks.

Body Souffle

My sensual experience starts with an exhilarating shower of Kama Sutra’s Mint Tree Cleansing gel.

Refreshing, cooling, and rubbed in the right places, sensual mint is as exciting as it gets!

Pleasure is in its minty bubbles as they caress my skin.

Its aroma is rejuvenating, its properties, refreshing.

The fire is cooling down. I'm tempted to extend my shower but there's a line at the bathroom door.

Honey Dust Powder

I compensate with Honey Dust powder, dusting liberally under my breasts and underarms, behind my knees, between my legs.

With Honey Dust I’ll prevent chub rub, that annoying irritation that occurs when thighs rub together.

Find pleasure by taking care of my body.

It doesn’t have to take a long time, but it is daily conscious effort.

I spend an hour a day making my body sweat and then lovingly cooling it down. That balance leads to harmony of mind and body.

Harmony leads to balance.

Respect the natural mechanisms of your body and work with them to create pleasure.

That gives your mind and spirit a way to take your body to wonderful heights of pleasure and ecstasy.

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