Self Help

Sometimes self help is the only way to get the job done, especially in this age of dependence on less than reliable sources. The fact is, if you depend on others for your satisfaction, you may be waiting a long time. Your satisfaction is generally not as important to someone else as it is to you. In today’s world, on your own, if you want true, nearly instantaneous satisfaction, help yourself!

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Experiment with a new waterproof toy by D.A.V.E. Manufacturers called the Sparkler. Nine slender inches of realistic texture that invites the eye. These nine inches of slim perfection come to life.

It does not rely on girth or supplying a filler’ up feeling. Its strong points:

  • its incredible material. Warms to your body’s temperature almost immediately.
  • Its texture and the varied vibrations emanate from a three inch bullet in its core.
  • On the base are two easy to access buttons. One turns the vibration on and off. The other arrows take you to the many sensations the Sparkler has to offer.
  • Six variable speeds that will never leave you bored.
  • Easy to use, to manipulate.
  • Great inside and out.
  • Speeds include: low, high, medium, pulsating, escalating and undulating. Eventually you’ll get to the one that really puts you in a great frame of mind and body.

Add a tiny bit of water based lubricant to the shaft. Slide it along the labia and clitoris. The lubricant helps it slide and glide for maximum efficiency.

Start with the low speed. As you push the up arrow vibration button, run the shaft along the outside of her genitals.

After thoroughly stimulating the externals, gently insert its top half into the vagina. Repeat the series of vibrations with the head directed toward the G-Spot.

Self help with each vibration is so different, you’ll never get bored. Have 2 triple A batteries handy when it arrives.

When you’re on the road to self-help. You know instinctively which path works. Love yourself first and foremost and from there, satisfied and happy, you’re able to love others as well.

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