Self Pleasure Tools

Whether they are self pleasure tools or toys, they are, essentially, keys to sexual pleasure through foreplay. By using them we increase our sexual satisfaction.

Add a touch of imagination, and basic sex 101 moves to a graduate level.

For increased sexual stimulation, these tools are instrumental in achieving greater levels of intensity.

Lovers are left satiated in mind, body and spirit. Sex reveals pleasures only humans can understand or experience. When it comes to our pleasure, humans know no limits. And when it comes to self pleasure, God helps those who help themselves. The distinction between toys and tools is blurry.


for exquisite softness

'tickle' your imagination while adding variety in sensation

Give him control to last all night with an

Adjustable leather cock ring

Stay hard without pills or their dangerous side effects.

Foreplay is ignited by using a satin


All the others senses intensify when the sense of sight is restricted.

Relatively new

Vibrating massage glove

available in Right or Left hand

are among the best self pleasure tools.

Caresses every inch for arousal or relaxation.


Uses 3 AAA batteries

One of the most popular, controversial yet pleasurable of all adult toys are the dildoes.

Available in double headed, single headed, as butt plugs, as penis sleeves or worn as a strap-on, their material is soft as human skin. If you know how to pleasure your self, this is a toy that'll never let you down.

Tools are the hardware that holds you, sustains you, molds you, excites sexual tension. This state of arousal naturally leads you to want to enjoy their design. You're inspired to use your sexual imagination.

One such area are Fetishes, which utilize specific paraphernalia.

Items such as soft cloth restraints,bondage furniture are the tools for the B and D connoisseur.

We, at Your Pleasure feature and offer a wide variety of self pleasure tools in our Your Pleasure Shop,

but anything we don’t carry can be found with our affiliates.

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