Self Pleasure Toys

Since time immemorial self pleasure toys have been used by people to increase and intensify the body's sexual response and make sex more pleasurable, enjoyable and exciting.

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The most intriguing aide are

Ben Wah Balls.

Gold plated for safety.

Invented by women, inspired by the need for satisfaction.

Enjoy multiple orgasms any time.

For women allergic to gold, the newest

Feminine Exerciser

has all the same benefits of

Ben Wah Balls.

Although we've listed them for pleasure, their function is to tighten the vagina for increased sensitivity, stronger orgasms, and a healthy pelvic floor.

The Love Swing

was originally invented in ancient India.

Today's models offer a variety of positions and are available in many different models.

Re-invented by a doctor for patients with physical limitations, today it can be enjoyed by almost anyone*.

* Weight limit to 400 lbs.

Anal Love Beads

were developed for prostate stimulation.

Instead of using a finger, the beads rub the prostate to intensify his orgasm as they are slowly pulled out of the rectum.

Learning how to use these self pleasure toys proficiently can increase the volume of seminal fluid that is ejaculated, making the orgasm considerably more powerful, intense, and ultimately, more satisfying.

Furry Love Cuffs for Intimate, comfortable, playful bondage. Or go a little more hard-core without the fur. It's all in fun.

Psychologically intense

The Soft Flogger

is a teasing whip. So buttery soft, it can be used on any erogenous zone. Great to get the juices flowing.

Sometimes, it's just the thought of the spanking that gets our imagination racing, putting our sexual response on automatic.

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