Sensual Accessories

 Sensual accessories add that special touch.  They are manifestations of the imagination at work. Whether it's the delightfully soft stroke of a feather, or the texture of a vibrating massage glove, or the super soft silkiness of an outfit, sensual accessories have some kind of excitement for every taste.

So exactly what are sensual accessories?  We've got 5 senses.  Each one loves to be stimulated.  Our eyes are usually focused on whatever we have to look at, but when we take the time to see, really see the beauty around us in nature or art, that's when we are truly grateful for the ability to see. And when we see something sensual, like Pavlov's dogs, our genitals start to water.

Whatever you can use to increase the visual, sensual or purpose of each romantic encounter is a sensual accessory. One such example is a wig. Put one on and your whole persona looks completely different going from expected to exciting. That’s the whole point--changing just one part of your everyday look can transform one dimension of your personality to a completely different level, which attracts attention and admiration from men and women alike.

We can add that special touch of excitement to complete the sensual fashion look and feel. And when the accent of stimulation is to our skin, a little touch can make a huge statement. Whether that fabric is the feathers in a boa, or satin gloves in a fingerless glovette, it is form with function, the purpose of which is fantasy and adult play.

 Try something new and see how quickly you'll get your lover's engine going for amore and more! Include sensual accessories wherever and whenever you can to spice up as many aspects of the romantic relationship as possible.

From edible body candy and toiletries to massage oils, to hot soy candles for massage, all are part of the pleasurable side of life. They enhance the experience, taking it from routine to fun, and even, fabulous!

Of all the sensual accessories out there, my personal favorite are the Kama Sutra Company’s toiletries.  These are sensual accessories of the highest order. Not only are they excellent for your skin, but in many cases, they're tasty once they’re on the skin.  Your taste buds AND your nose will be intrigued.

If life has become ho-hum, if your relationship is more or less more OF less, bring back the fun.

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