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Sensual advice is the very nature of my business as a Sensuality Consultant. I could recommend thousands of different products to enhance your sensual life, but none of them would work unless you’ve embraced the foundation for a truly, sensual and sexual life, and that is self-love.

It seems that so many people are prejudiced against one or more of their body parts. For whatever reasons, they’ve deemed these parts inappropriate for pleasurable stimulation. For some it is their toes, for others their nipples, still others their backsides, and for many men, their prostate.In their minds these body parts are not ever allowed to be stimulated for sexual pleasure.

And yet they have been pleasurable for countless others throughout history. Great lovers throughout history have known, understood, and appreciated these parts and implemented whatever strokes were pleasurable and stimulating for those areas.

Now why can’t you get on that sensual train of thought for personal pleasure? Having accepted taboos, they’ve greatly limited their choices.

So after a while in a committed relationship, they find sensual and sexual play becomes predictable and boring. For them the only way to keep sex interesting is with extra marital affairs, which can get so messy.

Everyone does not have the same physical desires, so my sensual advice can not be a “one size fits all” prescription. Like a signpost, my intention is to offer you another possible direction; that is, to satisfy your individual sensual desires.

But there are a few similarities that I believe apply to all who would seek this sensual advice. First of all, recognize that self love is of utmost importance.

Face any recurring negative issues with your body’s type, weight, or imperfections. Self love is a prerequisite to enjoying your sensual life.

The more you appreciate all of your senses, and the physical form that interprets them, the more your sensual life will improve.

Negative self talk keeps us from enjoying a satisfying sensual life. We believe that we are actually the reflection in the mirror.

If it was perfect somehow, we would know greater physical joy and satisfaction. Of course that is not true.

It is only the lie we keep telling ourselves so we can justify our need for more; more money, more status, more possessions, all of which we hope will indicate our desirability and lovability.

Taken at face value, this is a superficial approach to sensuality.

But as all things change, this superficial desirability will eventually fade. To truly enjoy your sensual self, start that love affair from the inside, out.

Self love then, is the first most important basis of having a satisfying sensual life.

After this self acceptance, take care of your body by appreciating it daily with self massage.

Don't place arbitrary restrictions to your pleasure that in your heart, you do not share. In other words, if spanking is your cup of tea or you like your toes sucked, enjoy these activities! With so many restrictions on body parts that they deem inappropriate to ever be stroked, stimulated or excited, pleasure becomes restricted and eventually sex becomes boring. If stimulation isn’t taking place at all the ‘normal’ erogenous zones, they do not want it to take place at all.

When you let go of the misinformation and prejudice toward our sensual selves, and learn to appreciate the body for all its glory, you’re on your way to having sensual joy and satisfaction in your life.

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