Sensual Arousal

When it comes to sensual arousal, there is one very important factor in making sure that your sexual apparatus works for a lifetime, for sensual pleasure as well as functionality.

The old saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, could never be truer than when it comes to our sexual parts and arousal.

After pregnancy, the pelvic floor, which supports the uterus and bladder, is traumatized. It takes about six weeks to get back to its original position.

This repair can be helped by doing Kegel exercises, which is squeezing the PC muscles (as if holding back urine, then releasing the muscles.)

To find the PC muscles, next time you’re urinating, stop the urine flow. The muscles that stop the flow are the PC muscles. After you’ve discovered the PC muscle, do about three hundred Kegel squeezes a day for strength and vaginal sensitivity.

This exercise is extremely and especially important for improving sensual arousal for women after each pregnancy. It has been determined that the female human isn’t built to withstand more than one pregnancy.

After a third or fourth pregnancy, the pelvic floor is in real trouble. Not surprising, if the woman who has had multiple births doesn’t do her Kegel exercises diligently throughout her lifetime, she could easily become one of the four hundred thousand women who go to the hospital each year to have one thing or another lifted. This is a preventable surgery.

The PC muscle keeps the uterus and bladder where they belong, and helps us from needing diapers for adults. If you laugh, cough or sneeze and a little bit of urine escapes, you may have a condition called urinary incontinence. This condition knows no age limit.

The only way a sensual body can prevent this condition is by doing five minutes of Kegels per day. Of course, you can compensate for a prolapsed uterus by wearing adult diapers, and in your senior years can have a pessary put in and taken out by a doctor to support the pelvic floor. But all that can be avoided by doing Kegel exercises.Sensual arousal is a natural gift, and one that will reward us with sexual bliss for many years to come, but only if we take care of our sexual organs through diligent, daily Kegel exercises.

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