Sensual Awakening

A sensual awakening begins when you put worry aside. You overcome sexual performance anxiety by including sexual creativity, sharing openly with your partner and living in the present. 

You cannot force your body to comply with your physical and emotional needs when your sexual foundation is based on anxiety. By trying to force an orgasm, you’re creating an adversarial situation between your mind and body.

Between the mind and body there has to be balance and cooperation. You can't fool the body or your subconscious.  Good nutrition and plenty of rest are necessary so your body can catch up with your imagination. If you’re not taking care of your health, you can’t expect healthy cooperation. The body always reacts honestly.

Overcoming sexual performance anxiety must happen through a gradual process of experience and learning from your errors. To do something differently, you must be inspired to do something better.  The solution is simply stated although not as simply executed--re-learn your habit to orgasm.  One of the most recommended method to re-learn the habit of orgasm is with the Squeeze Technique.  It takes about 2 weeks to master, but the results last a lifetime.

Other topical solutions are Kama Sutra's Pleasure Balm, which helps slow up arousal.  Or using an adjustable cock ring to hold the testicles away from the body. Knowing these techniques, any man can learn how to work with his body rather than fighting against it for control.

Wanting control is not enough. Breaking habits is hard.  If you haven't experienced the difference between a controlled orgasm and a rushed one, you're fighting an uphill battle to change your actions.
The difference between a quickie orgasm and one that takes an hour to build is phenomenal. Guys who routinely ejaculate prematurely are unknowingly slaves to this bad habit.   Experiencing the the joy of control and the heightened intensity of your orgasm is the key to experiencing a sexual awakening.

How can we initiate our sexual awakening?  Learn to be in the moment. Garner confidence in our abilities based on self awareness and training.

Mentally prepared,  aware of the innate signals, the mind can work in sync with body to enjoy its sexuality as one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Without worry, a sexual awakening is possible.  It will reveal your true self as a lover of life and love-making.  You'll have to grow as a lover, but once you understand your role, your sensual awakening can flow to many more satisfying conclusions.


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