Sensual Back Rub

I got a sensual back rub the other night. I have to admit it is one of the nicest things that my husband does for me. I had complained that my muscles were knotted, my spine felt compressed; I needed relief. My husband with his magic hands obliged me. He had had the last sensual back rub given in our home. When it comes to a sensual back massage, one good turn deserves another. He started off by using one of my favorite warming oils.

After pouring a nickel sized amount into his palm, he slowly spread it from my shoulders down to my waist with a caressing, even stroke.

This warming oil penetrated my skin quickly. It felt like heaven--that is relaxing, nurturing, loving. From the shoulders, he moved his hands down to my shoulder blades, and then, pushing his palms outward, worked out to the arms.

As he moved the oil around every inch of my back, I could feel the tension easing out, melting under the heat and pressure of his hands and the warming oil.

Then, with his pointer and middle fingers placed on either side of the spine, he ran them down to the coccyx. This Shiatsu technique helps to align the vertebrae.

Soon he took out two Pleasure Mitts so he could extend the massage without expending too much energy.

Slipping his hands in, he poured a tiny bit of oil on the short nub side of the mitt, and with small circular motions, started rubbing the oil in.

He wore one on each hand. Simultaneously he rubbed both sides of my back. Alternately he flipped his hands to their backs and used the long nubs to soothe after the short nubs had penetrated deeply.

Positioning himself on the left side of my torso, he started a hand over hand technique of pulling along the sides of the torso, known as the obliques. As he pulled one hand toward him, he pushed the other in the opposite direction. This criss-crossing technique felt especially good on the oblique’s, which do a lot of heavy lifting throughout the day.

Even though a sensual back rub does not have the effect of rubbing extremities such as the feet, hands or head, because it is one of the largest areas of the body, rubbing it feels so good because it encompasses so much skin.

Rubbing the back felt so wonderful because all the goodness my body could produce was being released into me for my own good.

All the endorphins, anti-oxidants that I’d consumed, and anything I needed for the constant repair of my body’s wear and tear were all being manufactured in my skin because of this exquisite rub on the largest surface of my body.

In the spirit of giving, a sensual back rub is the nicest gift of all.

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