Sensual Bathing

Sensual bathing is the key to heavenly relaxation and exquisite pampering. It is experienced all the more when you close your eyes and just enjoy the sensation of the perfectly tempered tepid water surrounding every bit of you.   Allow it to take you give your mind a few moments of relaxation.

As we are seventy percent water, our inclination to be in and near water is very natural. Immersing yourself in a bath then, can physically feel like heaven on earth.

Treasures of the Sea Bath Crystals

With a goal of pleasurable relaxation, light a scented candle for the added benefit of aromatherapy while offering an unobtrusive light should you open your eyes.

Closing your eyes allows you to shut out the external reality.

Concentrate only on your inner space as your exterior is lulled into releasing tension by the warm, slippery water on every inch of your skin, in your tub.

With a bubble air mattress, tiny bubbles stimulate and actively caress three-quarters of your body. Include some sea salts and you’ve created a private lagoon to escape in.

After warming your hands, put them first to your face, and with eyes closed, feel them firmly slide over the small muscles of the forehead, cheek bones and chin.

Take your time.  

It is time to take care of you.

Leave your worries outside.

Our focus in sensual bathing changes our sensory appreciation from visual to tactile as dominant.

Since water has been found to bring our blood pressure down, it creates a natural soothing environment to enjoy this sensual ability.

It is perfectly natural to start the rub with the face. But follow with the scalp, an important extremity for relaxation.

Proceed down to shoulders, arms, chest, belly, legs and butt. Use long stokes on long bones, and circular rotations at all joints. Explore and touch with abandon--its your body, after all.

Only with abundant water as in a shower or filled tub, can't dry out.

Because of its additional viscosity, all of these rubs can be performed either while standing or sitting in water, although sitting is much more conducive to total relaxation.

Depending on how hard your water is, you may require a cleanser that bubbles over the skin, acting as the viscosity for your bare or mitted hand. Ideally, the cleanser should be pH balanced with your body, so your natural oils aren’t readily stripped away.

With a water resilient lubricant , that rub can extend to the genitals. That is when sensual accessories can make bathing a portal to our erotic selves.

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