Sensual Bedroom

A sensual bedroom has the potential for many experiences that we all need and want; a safe haven where weary bodies relax, rejuvenate, and if so inspired, take flights of fancy into heights of physical and mental stimulation for pleasure’s sake. Once satisfied, it is the perfect atmosphere for heading off to dreamland.

First, let's consider the aroma of the Sensual Bedroom. Is it stale?  Unappealing?  Not necessary sexy or inspiring for romance?  The land of Erotica has come up with some fantastic ways to spice up the environment, and by doing so, make it a sensual pleasure.  First and foremost is a delightful bed sheet spray. Hints of flowers, infused with aphrodisiacs and pheromones, amour will definitely be inspired once the sheets are softened and lighted dusted with Dona's wonderful scent combinations.


Add an irresistible invitation to your linens with DONA Linen Spray. Infused with invigorating pheromones and aphrodisiacs, just a few sprays will transform your bedroom into a playful boudoir.

- Aphrodisiac & pheromone infused 
- Spray on bedding, pillows and more 
- Freshens and delights the senses

Dona Bed Sheet Spray

If you want to have more fun, variety and entertaining options in your Sensual Bedroom, consider getting a Liberator Pillow, or at least have a plush chair handy. But for the more adventuous, specifically designed pillows by Liberator make different positions possible without stress or strain.

If you can imagine it, love-making can take place in, on and around the bed, chair, or on one of these ingenuous pillows. Whether it is used for support or as a mainstay for coitus, their presence is sheer inspiration.

It is never more obvious than in a sensual bedroom how color and scent affects and influences our mental state. To unwind and relax, keep the TV out of your bedroom and keep it as a sanctuary for getting sensually close to the one you love. 

Once the nostrils draw in the magic the environment, your imagination seems to take on a life of its own and you, like characters in a naughty play, are center stage. With comfort, scent, and romantic lighting, a sensual bedroom has the best of all possibilities.  Keep its colors muted, soft, and dreamy, giving it an atmosphere of relaxation.

Keep the electronic equipment with its bleeping or blinking in the background out of your sensual bedroom. Use the soft glow of candles flickering gently to cast a romantic, sensual light on even the most commonplace items. Spray the sheets with a touch of pheromones, bring out the pillow, light a candle and some moving music.  Then, enjoy!    

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