Sensual Body Massage

A sensual body massage can evoke many different emotions. It seems that while the actual massage works directly on the muscles of the body, it also works out kinks and emotions that need working out as well.

I've been getting great fifteen dollar massages in Westminster. The woman who cuts my hair told me about "My Happy Feet". Since my first sensual body massage, I've brought friends and family and they have ALL loved it as it's a full body massage for one whole hour for fifteen dollars.

The place is in "Little Saigon". It's one big room with padded "beds". Usually men work on women and women work on men, but you can ask for whoever you like.

You start sitting with your feet in warm water as they massage your neck and shoulders, then you lay on you back and then your front. It's quite dark, no talking and very relaxing.

It's quite a deep massage and they will work longer on areas they detect as the massage progresses. Check it out!!

Having a full body massage feels good inside and out. This particular one got the participant to remember a scary, worrisome ordeal and then to work through it.

It was a glorious day in Northern California and my husband and I were to spend the weekend courtesy of a printing company at a five star hotel and spa. The first evening we watched the sun set as it twinkled on the lips of our wine glasses.

On Saturday the ladies were invited to have a sensual body massage as the gentlemen, and in one case the lady herself, a reporter on the subject of printing presses, were to visit the printing company.

When my turn came for the massage, the masseuse was a young, friendly woman - let’s call her Wendy. I lay on my back as per her direction as she turned on the music of the Rain Forest and the aromatherapy wafted along the air currents.

Suddenly, and totally unexpectedly, I started to cry. I tried to get a grip on my emotions, but couldn’t, even when I realized what was going on. I was embarrassed and slightly ashamed that I had lost control. Finally I decided Wendy deserved an explanation and hopefully she wouldn’t think I was totally nuts.

"The last time I lay down like this was during radiation therapy. Five days a week, for seven weeks, I walked to Cedars Sinai, in L.A. and lay on a metal table in a cold room with a large piece of equipment that looked like a cake decorator with its funnel tip pointing directly at my left breast.” Wendy was very calm and understanding.

We proceeded with the sensual body massage, which I do not remember at all except that although shaken by the unexpected memory my body had generated, after wards I felt much better.

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