Sensual Breast

The sensual breast is one of all the most popular erogenous zones on a woman’s body, especially in the United States. Bodacious, saucy, sexy, curvaceous, soft and malleable.

They are the area that most excites, entices, and delights. Maybe that’s why so many women spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every year to augment theirs, a practice that until recently, actually decreased the physical pleasure for the woman.

But whether your breasts are big or small, pointy of oblong, there are a few tips that will keep them healthy, working, and keep them the major erogenous zone that they were meant to be.

The sensual breast is a major erogenous zone for fifty percent of women. If you’re going to keep them beautiful and functional for a lifetime, herein are some practical tips.

First and foremost it is important to do self breast examinations every month a week after your period has ended. This is not a paranoid practice. Self examination is for breasts what Kegels are for the vagina.

This is a diligent, thoughtful process paid to a susceptible body part that gives so much pleasure and functionality for so many. So if you’d like to keep them, care for them with a monthly self examination.

Another practice that may seem a bit hedonistic, yet is part of daily care is to massage them daily. That is not the same as a self breast exam. It requires a tiny bit of oil, massaged gently in a circular motion into the breast tissue.

While you’re doing this massage, keep your thoughts repeating words of appreciation for your body. Appreciate them, no matter what size or shape they are, because they, like any other body part, are susceptible to negative thoughts about them. As a wo(man) thinketh, so she is.

As the years go by, especially if breasts are used for breastfeeding, they tend to sag. You can help prevent undue sagging by doing chest work such as push-ups and other similar weight training exercises for the chest.

These exercises don’t make the breasts larger, but they add some much needed muscle behind the breast to keep the nipples facing forward, instead of down.

And last but not least, try using deodorant instead of antiperspirant. Deodorant and a combination of dusting powder are sufficient enough to keep the sweat at bay. Antiperspirant doesn’t allow the sweat to leave the body.

The toxins that cause the scent aren’t allowed to leave the body. They are kept in, and after years of toxins not being released, they cause problems in the breasts, which are located in close proximity to the underarms.

The sensual breast has been given lots of attention for the pleasure it gives and receives. To keep them healthy for a lifetime, don’t judge them. Instead, learn to love them, appreciate them and take care of them.

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