Sensual Chocolate

Sensual Chocolate is one of the most delightful and popular confection for tasting off of your lovers' body. Of all the body toppings, it is one of the most popular.

Creamy, delicious, a veritable orgasm for your taste buds, this topping is unsurpassed as the flavor of passion and a recognized aphrodisiac.

If you really want to enjoy its seductive and sensual flavor in its most exquisite form, spread, pour or draw it on your lover and lick it off, slowly. It doesn’t get any better, any tastier, or any more enticing than that!

Creating sensual art on your lover’s body is fun, and very sexy. You’ll find that using it is on all sensual areas, including male genitals, leads to mouth-watering oral stimulation.

While it gets tasted off, it creates a sensational pleasure. But the wrong kind of chocolate, even if licked off entirely, will leave a sugary residue on the skin.

Chocolate Singles

The Kama Sutra Company makes three delicious flavors available in their Lover's Paint Box

--White, Milk and Dark Chocolate—all incredibly tastey. Recently they’ve created individual containers of Dark Chocolate with Raspberry and a Creamy Caramel. All flavors include a body brush to create a sensual design for oral pleasure, satisfaction, sweetness, and excitement.

Dan's Chocolates

Other manufacturers have used its sensual aroma to feature it as dusting powder, massage cream, and massage oil. A multitude of delicious sensual desserts create a unique pleasure experience.

When you use chocolate as a body topping, it’s important to remember that not all forms are created equal. Most chocolate forms, like syrup or candy bars, should never be used as body toppings.

These desserts and flavorings are loaded with sugar. Sugar will wreak havoc on the delicate pH balance of the vagina, creating a yeast infection which is decidedly not sensual.

As yummy as they are, they should not be confused with the edibles used for making love which must be artificially sweetened.

Take my advice and enjoy this wonderful sensual and sexy confection on your lover’s body, but for heaven’s sake, use the right kind of sensual chocolate. With safe ingredients on the body, you’ll never have any regrets, only sweet memories.

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