Sensual Cooking

There’s little doubt that sensual cooking can have an impact on your libido as well as your health.  Seeing, smelling and tasting a concoction prepared lovingly by your partner is as much foreplay as any other exciting activity. 

We are all creatures of our senses and we need food to survive.  What better way to enjoy that food than with the added visual spice of your lover cooking au natural to draw us in to the allure of sensual cooking and eating?  And if prepared slowly, deliberately and lovingly, isn't that indicative of what's to come?

Lovers have long known and identified certain aphrodisiacs to whet the appetite for romance and amour.  But sensual cooking is more than just the ingredients.  It is the preparation.  It is using your hands to mix, mold, spread and blend the ingredients so that a little bit of your 'flavor' is part of the treat.

So much of the language of love is similar to the language we use to describe eating:  Nibbling, licking, sucking, biting are just some of the terms used to describe what we do to our food and what we do to each other when we're making love.  So when food is being prepared, it only makes sense that we invest ourselves in the creation and tantalize our lover with our tastes.

Add those verbs to the creation of a sensual food, such as oysters, truffles, or even Arugula, all of which are known Aphrodisiacs, and the results can be an explosion of passion. 

One of the most sexiest scenes in movie history was in an erotic story called, "Nine and a Half Weeks", with Kim Bassinger and Mickey Rourke.  Blindfolded, Kim was given different foods to try by her lover.  As she tasted, licked, sniffed and anticipated each flavor, it was obvious that both lovers were getting more and more excited by the second, and it wasn't because of the food, per say, but by the introduction of the food to the senses of smell and taste without the sense of sight.  Every morsel was a surprise and a delight.  So, too, with Sensual Cooking flavors blend to excite the libido with their intoxicating aroma.

 Cooking that is visually exciting involves bright, colors, especially reds, oranges, and yellows.  The more vibrant the colors of the meal, the more visually appealing and aromatically enticing it is prepared, the more the appetite whets.  And that appetite doesn't just increase physical hunger pangs.  It increases physical hunger for connection, closeness, mutual sharing and passion. 

There’s no getting around it.  If you need a little help from nature to stimulate your libido, sensual cooking is a safe, viable treat to encouraging our life force to create!



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