Sensual Couple Massage

When a sensual couple massage each other, there are bound to be many more elements than just two willing bodies and some oil. In the sensual massage, the environment is the key to relaxation. Glaring lights, loud noises, distractions of any kind divert your attention from relaxation and put the participants on edge. For the sensual couple, massage is a way to connect, to communicate on the deepest level of their being, that is, through the undeniable sense of touch.

Start the evening off by making the surrounding a comfortable temperature. Include soft music, if you like, and low lights to add to the ambiance.

The most important element though, is the couple's willingness to give this gift of relaxation and pleasure to each other.

If they are doing it for any other reason than caring love, the massage cannot be fully appreciated.

Choose the oil that you’ll use ahead of time based on the need of each recipient. For relaxation, jasmine works best. If romance is desired, a floral fragrance combination with rose as the dominant scent, will do the trick.

If one or more of the participants wants something truly uplifting, try a mint based formula. The most gender friendly of all the fragrances is sweet almond. Lastly, if either is ‘under the weather’, try a blend with eucalyptus.

If you truly want it to be a sensual evening, all the elements should be arranged before inviting your partner into the room. And the one who invites the other should give the first massage.

Lay out a towel on which you can lay your body down and to absorb an excess oil. If a fan is gently moving the air, make sure it’s not on too high.

Light a couple of candles, enough for light without electricity, but without a bonfire effect. After all, the sensual couple massage is meant to be relaxing and rejuvenating.

For both male and female, the head, feet and hands should be areas to concentrate on. Each of these massaged extremities spread their benefit of relaxation out to the rest of the body.

And finally, the most important element to massage is to take your time, and cover the most important areas. This beautiful form of communication, done properly, is as healing and restorative as orgasm.

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