Sensual Dance

A sensual dance is enjoyed between two people who have chemistry. Closely studied, dance is a form of social intercourse; her arms around his neck, his around her waist and hips.

Classical dancers dressed for their performance, use interpretative costumes that are often risqué, suggestive, revealing and extremely sexy.

Dance as an art, has an element of sexiness in it, some dances sexier than others.

The Belly Dance, for instance, has been used for centuries as a visual foreplay to ignite a man's passion, enflame his desire, and whet his sexual appetite.

So, too, when a couple is in a loving embrace, when they respond to each others' synchronicity, their movements cannot help but have a sensual, sexual quality to them.

Add the feel of sensual fabrics and the performance is magnified by the swirl of material, taking the participants further into a moving fantasy of sound, sight and interpretation.

Enticing, sexy, inviting, and suggestive, the costume supports the meaning and interpretation of the dance.

Plunging neckline, open back, skin tight, the costume reveals every little muscle, like a juicy piece of fruit waiting to be plucked and devoured.

The quintessential dance of passion is the Tango.

Connected, grounded, they look deeply into each others' eyes as they move as one.

When their eyes cannot meet, cheek to cheek, they press their flesh against each other, wherever and whenever possible.

Moving as one, igniting the chemistry between them, they interpret the music together.

As the audience, we understand their interpretation because of their moves.

Like two parts of a living puzzle, understanding each others passion and responding accordingly to the rhythms, they present the living art of dance.

Done right, the steamy Rumba, vivacious Salsa, playful Cha-Cha, raunchy Lambada and energetic Flamenco all have their place among the top libido sizzlers.

Taking their cues from passion, skillfully performing the steps, their emotional responses move to the driving rhythms.

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