Sensual Desserts

The definition of sensual desserts must include some of the most delectable ingredients known, combined in a sweet, creamy, visually exciting concoction that tantalizes your taste buds and leaves you wanting more!

But what separates sensual desserts from your everyday chocolate chip or oatmeal cookies? Two components: First, to be considered sensual they must be created with some kind of whipped, creamy, delightfully decadent and rich heavenly filling! And second, they practically beg your tongue to lick it up.

This kind of dessert melts in your mouth. They're never too heavy, and remind you of the sweet ambrosia that an excited woman gushes when she desires a passionate union.

They don't weigh you down when you've eaten one so you have energy to spend with your lover. And if you’re so inclined they make a perfect body topping to be licked off slowly. (Just don't use them on the genitals--too much sugar!)

Along with being visually inviting, and tasting scrumptious, they feel good going down. Much like passionate lovemaking, they are enjoyed best when eaten very slowly, so as to enjoy all this sensory pleasure has to offer.

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If it sounds like I’m talking about lovers making love, consider how the same words are used when eating a dessert and when making love: tasting, nibbling, and eventually devouring the object of your desire.

Italian desserts, some of the most erotic flavor combinations ever created, had lover’s in mind when they designed the Cannoli shell and filled it with a rich, creamy center. Stick in your tongue, draw out some cream, and savor each moment that you let it rest on your tongue.

And don’t discount the visually erotic Profiteroles. Light, airy, filled with whipped cream, you can down a dozen of them as they melt in your mouth, tantalizing your tongue and leaving you wanting more!

And then there is the sensual Barquette. Although it doesn’t have cream, its shape, which resembles that of a canoe, is filled simply with glazed fruit such as apricots, peaches, grapes, mangoes, strawberries, blackberries, kiwi or dessert apples, all provocatively situated in the shell and visually inviting.

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Look at it closely and it resembles vaginal lips. Lick it slowly, taking each piece of fruit in your mouth, savoring their augmented sweetness as you enjoy every morsel before you devour the shell.

Like a desirable, beckoning lover, if there are any leftovers, you’ll look for and want sensual desserts often, indulging with a lustful passion. That’s how it is with something so tempting—you just don’t know when to stop! And you’re not even sure you want to!

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