Sensual Erotica

Since 1981 I have enjoyed the sensual life. I explain sensual erotica for a living.

It is the tools that can enhance foreplay and intimate relations.

Add these simple, creative additions to your expression of sexuality.

Become a sexual sophisticate. Work to keep your intimate relations so much more satisfying than just getting naked and getting together.

Sensual living includes a variety of sensual aids and sensual tools and toys and that help us develop as lovers.

When we’re a little less than inspired because predictability, routine and normalcy have replaced passion, these sensual accessories can be just what the doctor ordered to get our libido up and running again.

But in a much more natural and non-obtrusive way than taking pills with possible negative side effects.

Although many are starting to take pharmaceuticals to assist in bolstering their lagging libido, this approach does not teach us anything to improve the quality of our sex lives.

It will make the pharmaceutical companies rich and us dependent on a false sense of proficiency in our abilities as lovers.

Just because a guy has more stamina or a longer lasting erections doesn’t mean he knows how to be an exciting lover.

Sensual love making is a living art.

As with any any art, tools are necessary to add depth, meaning and beauty to the creation.

When we include the hardware to our sexual play, along with the creative ideas to build anticipation, we cultivate the initial passion that brought us together and prevent sexual boredom from rearing its ugly head.

Keeping sex interesting with the same person for a lifetime is a challenge.

If we’re going to continue recommending marriage as a viable intimate union, sexual creativity is a must.

Sometimes in our stressful, demanding lives, even the sensual lover can be overwhelmed.

Physical and mental exhaustion affect our libido, inhibit our desire.

Often we find our sexual appetite is diminished.

We can all use some physical enhancement.

Every now and then, shore up your momentum in any sexual activity.

Add erotica as a way to re-inspire your desire and enjoy sensual play in all of its glory.

There are many different approaches to foreplay.

A sensual evening may consist of candles for ambiance, silky, sensual lingerie and feathers for delightful touches, are just to name a few.

It may also include heady perfume, edible body candy, sensual and sexual massage oils, body enhancers such as cock rings, clitoral or nipple jewelry, and a variety of differently shaped vibrators and dildos.

All are meant to augment natural sensations.

Sensual erotica is not meant to replace the genuine expression of passion between lovers.

They are products meant to enhance it.

Like two kids in a sandbox, play together with some inspired imagination.

Bring in some toys and designs for creating pictures and playtime.

Engage your partner to broaden their horizons so sexual playtime can and will always be the adventure of a lifetime.

Sensual erotica are the toys for adult playtime--tools that encourage us to develop our sex lives as pleasurable for a lifetime. Always bring your A-game!

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