Sensual Escape

It was time for a sensual escape. It's time to let our hair down. Step out of restrictive clothing. Discover a place to leave the tensions and worries of civilized society behind.

Part of that experience it to take in some breathtaking views.

Breathe in deeply the invigorating, clean air and scent of crystal clear water.

Your body knows what it needs, right down to a cellular level.

The sensual escape is an indulgence for all of the senses.

As such, it recharges your life-force. It gives you the strength to move forward with clarity and peace of mind.

This particular location had it all; a beautiful, pink sandy beach, beach umbrellas and a place to change.

Refreshing, fruity drinks were served by the most beautiful cabana boys, there to satisfy your every need. And sustenance was always at the ready to keep you deliciously satisfied without getting too full.

The town of Aghia Galini, located in the south of Crete, this seaside resort was like stepping back in time.

Life was slower here, demands were fewer, and life was simpler.

When you’re on a sensual escape vacation, take time to smell the roses, literally. The air is fragrant with flowers everywhere you go. Their deep, bright colors decorate even the most modest road.

Against the brilliant blue sky, the freshly painted white walls and winding cobblestone paths, transport you into a dream state of heaven on earth.

When you get the chance, indulge in a professional massage by the sea. As the tension is pressed out of your muscles, nothing smells more intoxicating than the salty breeze. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, take your time. When you’re indulging your senses, time does not exist, nor should it.

Every moment can be savored, lingered over, enjoyed for all it is worth. And what is it worth? It is the quality of living, fully, doing for yourself what your mind, body and spirit need to rejuvenate, without worry, fear, aggravation or tension.

Part of the escape is enjoying delicious cuisine and decadent chocolate. The heaven I propose offers freshly caught fish, minimally cooked so that its mouthwatering flavor delights your taste buds, as it sustains your body with pure protein, easily digested.

Brand Concious

Take small bites. Chew slowly. Complement its flavor with a glass of white wine for an overall experience. There is no rush. No need to go anywhere, see anything, do anything beyond what you are doing right now.

Not everyone can afford to go far away. Limited financial resources, children, a demanding job, are all restrictions. When that is the case, the next best sensual escape is in your bathroom, and specifically, your bathtub.

Set candles for mood, scent and ambiance. Have a warm, plush towel ready for when you’re done. Add scented bath crystals to the tepid water. Immerse your overworked, overstressed body into this liquid form of heaven and relax.

Breathe deeply, concentrating on the sound of your breath. Make a mental note of your muscles, starting from those in your face, scrunch and relax, working your way systematically down the body, all the way to the toes.

The bath may not be a drastic change of location, but it is another world, and a sensual escape. Simple, relaxed, rejuvenating, a reconnection to your natural state-enjoy!

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