Sensual Essentials

Are sensual essentials really that essential? That is the question. Whether it is nobler to include them in our sensual pleasures for pleasures sake? Or remain in our natural state of hairiness and risk the slings and arrows of outrageous comments from the general population? In other words, shall we shave and fit in with the crowd?

Whether it is nobler to remain in our natural state and risk the slings and arrows of outrageous comments from the general population, or to shave and fit in with the crowd, that is the question.

The question of sensual essentials has become all the more important over the past twenty years. Slowly modern sexuality includes looking as close to mannequins as possible.

That doesn’t just go for the ladies. Men also shave their chests, backs, legs, and eyebrows for the newest Metrosexual look.

As always, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Those who see clean shaven bodies are sexy are following a fad. They've forsaken sensual harmony for some other sense of identity.

The human body has tufts of hair for a reason. These are sensual essentials. They are in specific places, not only for beauty, but for protection and attraction.

The hair on our heads protects us from the sun. Fortunately, head hair is still very popular.

Most people go to great lengths to keep it, get it back, style it, and promote its glorification.

But other body hair is not as popular. First, let’s look at eyebrows.

Why do so many women shave them off?

Eyebrows are meant to keep the stinging sweat out of your eyes!

Trim and clean them, but don’t forget what they’re for!

In our desire to look beautiful, we risk no longer looking real.

A little further south is underarm hair. Men are still allowed theirs, but for how long?

In a trend that’s moving away from au natural to hairless body builders, the image we’re sold of manly physical beauty is becoming hairless.

But do they really represent sensual men

If we agree that hairless men depict masculinity at its finest, it won’t be long before the Metro sexual man also removes underarm hair.

Or have they already?

I haven’t asked to look lately, but if what is portrayed on Real T.V. is indicative of masculine beauty, it’s just a matter of time.

American women have been shaving their underarms for about 100 years.

In their quest to make us smell like something else, antiperspirant manufacturers have asked us to lift our arms and decided that clean shaven is prettier.

Maybe they’ve forgotten that pubic hair, head hair, and underarm hair traps and holds our pheromone scent, acting as a natural sexual attractant. Whack it off and lose the most powerful sexual tool in a woman’s sensual armory, her natural scent.

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