Sensual Fantasies

Incorporating sensual fantasies into our lives distinctly and deliciously separates humans from all other animals in our capacity to use our sexual imagination.

Instead of letting the route to procreation become predictable, boring or routine, add a touch of fantasy to the equation. Spice up sexual relations and all of the expectations we have about them.

Add excitement to life. Sensuality is the key. Life is a glorious adventure. By using imagination we keep habits from becoming predictable. We give our creative life a boost for sensual gratification via sensual foods and images.

An example of our need and appreciation for fantasy is a coffee shop in the northwest United States called Cowgirl Espresso.

Everyday 3,000 cups of coffee are served by young women wearing sexy costumes. Customers could choose any other standard coffee houses.

Instead they frequent the shop where their imagination gets tickled as they sip their decadent coffee topped with whipped cream.

Each day has a specific costume theme. On Fridays the women choose whichever sensual fashion appeals to them. They often take requests from customers. Coming up with their own ideas for sensual fetish apparel improves their sensual image.

Humans are not monogamous by nature. Fantasies broaden the scope of our sexual relationship.

Although our social history has shown this countless times, we continue to adopt marriage as our social contract for sexual relations.

If we are going to continue to for sex, we have to keep it interesting with this sensual elixir of life.

Imaginative fantasy is the sensual food for our hearts and minds. Imagination keeps us engaged, satisfied, and above all, sexually interesting.

We crave variety, not only for our taste buds, but in our sexual appetite as well. Denying this leads to frustration.

All too often boredom is the impetus for cheating.

By expanding our repertoire of possible personalities, and adding sensual fantasies to our sexual relationships, we add this much needed spice of life.

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