Sensual Female Dominance

How’s a guy going to learn what a woman likes without occasional sensual female dominance? Like an adult Show and Tell, this process is absolutely necessary every now and again in any sexual relationship. If her partner is open-minded, it is going to be a delicious lesson, in deed.

Learning about becoming a lover happens only if the woman is willing to take charge, to lead the way to sensual pleasure. 

Being an individual, her desires, that is, her preferences, for how she likes to be fondled, massaged, rubbed, kissed, caressed, stroked or penetrated, are unique to her.

With the female taking the lead as part of her sexual experience, she steps out of her comfort zones and shows what makes her feel good.

This is a new role for women. For centuries we have been brought up to think that men are the teachers, the guides. They’re supposed to know how to satisfy a woman. But this is not inherent knowledge.

They only know what they themselves like, and if she happens to be pleasured in the interim, all the better.

This approach to sexual instruction has only led to untold instances of premature ejaculation and unhappy endings.

For a man to grow as lover, he needs a woman who is prepared to share the responsibility for their joint pleasure.

She must be willing to explain, delicately, without accusation or fear, what pleases her best when it comes to sensual play.

If she says nothing, she can expect nothing. If she opens up and reveals all, only an open-minded partner will be wiser for it.

And he will also realize that sexual technique is learned anew with each and every lover, in each and every sexual or sensual interlude that he finds himself.

First he’ll discover that you can’t rush pleasure. A woman’s body, with its many erogenous zones, is made for pleasure. How much pleasure she will experience all depends on whether she has time to get excited.

Sensual female dominance will extract pleasure from every moment. It will feel all the sensations, titillate in new and novel ways, relish each moment’s offering. It is the sweet torture that every human desires--that of taking their sensual pleasure to its highest high.

The open-minded student will appreciate the difference between how males and females get excited. That with the right approach, sex can be one heck of a fantastic, mind blowing experience. Instead of the wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am that occurs so often, it can be a slow, sweet sensual adventure.

The female body is covered with erogenous zones. From the top of her heads to the soles of her feet, she has sensitive spots that if stimulated, can elicit an orgasmic response. These hot spots differ dramatically on every woman. What remains the same is that her pleasure begins in her imagination.

Her body is an instrument of pleasure. Instead of playing the same tune over and over and over again, become proficient in many melodies and enjoy playing them all!

By socialization women are usually the recipient of sexual advancements. If we’re going to maintain that men are the sexual aggressors, we can keep expecting them to take charge and be in charge of how the seduction takes place. Often, the seduction is rushed and goal oriented.

Women need and want sex just as much as men do. They just want satisfying sex, and for that to happen, occasional sensual female dominance must become part of a couple’s approach to each other, so they can take their time and learn multitudes about each other.

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