Sensual Fitness

In today’s quick fix world for getting results, pursuing sensual fitness is becoming more important as a means for keeping our bodies responsive.

While keeping our sensuality on the forefront of pleasure, we keep alive what it means to be a human enjoying their sensuality.

But touch, like sight, is an interpretation. Uncared for skin doesn’t interpret sensuality as such, because its care is basic and its sensual needs have been ignored.

Against the wear and tear of daily environmental assaults, we expect the skin to protect us. If we’re also doing our part, we’ll protect it from extremes in weather, blustery winds, malnutrition or dehydration.

Without specific skin care, the skin can only do so much to maintain its status quo. If you need it to be sensual, then you have to improve its basic care of soap and water to at a moderate amount of maintenance and body specific products.


Another very important component of sensual fitness is muscular strength and flexibility. Toned muscles look curved, firm, tempting, like luscious fruit, but they also make the skin more receptive by keeping the fat layer down.

And, the more flexible and strong you are, the better able to enjoy any embrace of your choice, unfettered by weakness, gravity or lack of range of motion.
Yoga sensual thousands of years ago, during the times when sensuality was an advanced art, used lotions, potions and devotions as practical means of celebrating the sensual self.

To practice positions, unheard of today, extremely intense in their execution, that involved standing, or holding oneself upside down for a brief time were only possible because of the need for sensuality.

Without flexibility or upper body strength, these positions aren’t even possibilities. I’m not suggesting that we all become Yogi’s and make love upside down, only that we do what we can to keep our body fit for whatever pleasurable possibilities come its way. By not maintaining the muscle beneath our largest erogenous zones, we are ignoring a very important part of our sensual and sexual lives.

Our sensual choices are limitless because we have an imagination. In all the animal kingdom, ever other species does it the exact same way each and every time, and when he ejaculates, it is not a pleasure as much as a relief.

We enjoy sensual pleasure along with our sexual escapades, taking them to a place of bliss. When you consider all this, it is important to revere sensual fitness as a gift of love from our creator. No other creations can know the beauty and joy from making love that humans can.

When you realize how blessed humans are in our sensual lives, you have to be grateful and thankful for your sensual self. Unlike other animals, we can choose sensuality as part of our sexual lives. Not driven solely by our need to procreate, we can decide when, where, how and even why we will enjoy our sensuality, as long as we are diligent in our sensual fitness.

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