Sensual Foot Massage

The essence of giving a sensual foot massage is firm pressure, warm oil and a reassuring, gentle touch.Since the feet are ticklish when handled tentatively, it is essential that they are handled firmly.

Start with the recipient facing upward and put both your hands simultaneously on the top of both their feet.

Start with the right foot. Gently holding the outside of the foot with the left hand, stroke the inside ankle in circular movements with flat fingers. Squeeze the foot from the outside and slide off the end, alternating your hands. Repeat this stroke several times, then move to the left foot.

After this stroke, concentrate on the arch of the foot. Firmly slide the heel of your right hand downward on the arch. The ankle should be resting on your hand for support and to keep the foot from moving around. Repeat this downward stroke several times.

After you’ve completed this stroke on both feet, try finger circles on the top of the foot.

Make small circles with your finger pads on top of the foot, working from the top and working down toward the toes.

Either slide your fingers over the skin, and with a little more pressure, slide their skin over the muscles, tendons and bones beneath.

Repeat these circles over the entire top of the foot.

Between the toes is an extremely sensitive and receptive area to the pressure of massage.

With your right hand index finger on top on the right foot and your right hand thumb on the bottom, squeeze and slide up and down several times between each of the toes.

Try the technique called slithering, that is, very slowly and gently rotate any right finger in and out between each set of toes. This feels exquisite as part of the sensual foot massage.

After the rub between the toes, gently but firmly grasp each toe, starting from the smallest and pull up and away from the foot.

You may hear a low pop as the toe ‘disconnects’ from the base. Do that to all the toes. If you don’t hear the pop, don’t force it or pull too hard.

The feet have to be very relaxed to get that ‘pop’ to happen. Just go back to the slithering technique for another few minutes and then try the pull again, always starting from the smallest toe and working your way up to the big toe.

After you’ve finished these techniques, finish the sensual foot massage by alternating your hands in a pulling movement, delicately stroking your fingertips over the entire leg and foot – sometimes with short strokes, sometimes long ones.

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