Sensual Fragrance

Our natural sensual fragrance, called pheromones, is the powerful animal magnetism that inspires our libido to take action.

The attraction that happens between us without words is caused by our pheromones. Most people don’t consider that it is our scent which is our strongest sexual attractant.

We’d like to believe that we are above that—only animals sniff each other. And yet, as a species, we are not too far from our feral ancestors.

We want to believe that it’s the other’s personal style, income, physical attributes such as hair, body type, or a host of other physical features that draw our interest.


But unseen pheromones are truly the most magnetic and powerful attractant. When our pheromones complement one another, the attraction is undeniable, immediate, unexplainable, and can sometimes get us into trouble as we pursue our passion with an individual who, according to our societal rules, is not meant for us.

Sometimes that scent belongs to a socially acceptable choice; that is a spouse or lover, sometimes not a socially acceptable choice; their best friend or his/her sibling.

The combination of scents that is our hair, skin and genitals is called the Cassolette. When our natural sensual fragrance is unadulterated by the wrong perfume, it is enough to drive the opposite sex to sexual distraction. Perfumes that contain pheromones are undeniable in their ability to attract and excite the opposite sex.

When they smell it, they’re inspired to want to make love, regardless of what kind of day they’ve had, because naturally occurring pheromones speak directly to our sexual libido. When that’s not understood, it can and often does get us into trouble when we end up pursuing someone else’s mate or partner.

A woman’s pheromones peak every month for about twenty four hours. It occurs when she is ovulating. It is nature’s signal that she is ready to be impregnated.

Men’s pheromones are at a steady state for the most part and seem to peak during aggressive times, such as during competition in sports.

Although pheromones are not the obvious seduction of a short skirt, cleavage or perfectly coifed hair, its attraction is very real to feral man, who unconsciously picks up the scent and looks to have sexual relations with the woman from whom it is emanating.

Sensual fragrances come in many aromas that work with your chemistry to create a provocative, sexy and alluring scent. From romantic scents laced with flowers, to spicy scents, to musk, what they all have in common is that they bring out the natural pheromone scent that we all have, and magnify it.

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