Sensual Games

There is no doubt that sensual games are an important part of keeping foreplay interesting and fun. All too often, especially in committed relationships, sex becomes routine and eventually predictable. We cease to grow as lovers, pretty much doing the same things, in the same ways, expecting the same results.

But a sensual game can add a whole new level of excitement and learning to our foreplay. With games we communicate, grow as lovers, and start to develop skills. By stepping out of our comfort zones we learn about one another through adult play. With adult games we can take our physical relations to exciting new levels.

This is an adult version of Old Maid. The cards are shuffled and placed in four to six rows facing downward. One participant starts by turning over two cards.

If they made a match, they continue turning over cards, making matches. Whoever has the most matches by the end of the game, has the other as a love slave for the rest of the evening. This proves to be a great opportunity for the woman to express her needs, desires and pleasures.

Fun sexual ideas are given in sexy games. When you decide to play, it promises an evening with loads of fun, experimentation, and communication--all the elements of sensual foreplay.

There’s no doubt that a sensual game is a great way of keeping sex fun, interesting, and exciting.

For new lovers, they can be the foundation for communication, of taking turns taking the lead and for developing new skills. For long term lovers, they can be the dose of novelty to add spice and variety into a staid relationship.

Some games are complicated. The participants need lots of time to read the instructions, figure out strategy, and then ‘try to win’. These games seem to have lost their focus and the true intention of the game, which is not to spend time reading, but to spend time playing.

Other adult games require lots of alcohol consumption. Instead of encouraging sensual freedom, their premise discourages sexual responsibility. Although one might believe that such activities are sensual games, they often do more harm than good.

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