Sensual Gift Baskets

I just received one of several sensual gift baskets from my lover. He gave it to me as a romantic token of his love. He wants me to feel pampered. Looking at the variety of pleasures makes me feel warm and tingly all over.

As I carefully remove them from the shipping container, I anticipate the pleasures within. Soon the space around me is filled with all kinds of fragrances; flowers, rain, musk and sea salts, all fresh, delightful, intoxicating. I breathe them in deeply and instantly relax.

By his choice of natural products, it is clear that he recognizes how I like to take care of my skin. But, as necessary as soft skin is, I also want to know that I’m being responsible towards the earth. In my quest for beauty, I don't want to torture animals or the earth in the development of my beauty products.

That’s part of being in the sensual world. It’s not enough to just take; we must be conscientious in our choices.

This is the kind of gift that can entice all of our senses. The beauty of the packaging combined with the sensuality within becomes an expression of love for the intimate couple.

Scent, too, helps you find that quiet place where you can relax. Each captivating scent lulls you to relax, leaving your worries behind. Increase libido with a pheromone candle.

Titillate erogenous zones with a feather. Apply an aromatic gender-friendly massage oil that penetrates quickly without any greasy residue.

Sensual gift baskets include sensual pleasures; things to taste, smell, feel, hear and see. They provide opportunites to be close to one another while promoting self indulgence and relaxation.

Their formulation should not hurt other creatures or our environment. How can we in good conscience knowingly use products that blind or torture innocent creatures?

While caring for yourself or the one you love, use products that are gentle to your body without any unpleasant side effects. Then thoughts can easily go to closeness and connectivity.

Kama Sutra is the name of an ancient Indian Love Manual written by a holy man long ago in India. Back then they found their way into pleasure via nature.

Following that formula, sensual products can accommodate sensitive, problem or dry skin types. When the treatment is found in nature, it often works more closely with the body rhythms and its needs.

In my experience, there are no other combination of products on the market today that promote romance and sensuality than sensual gift baskets.

Every facet of sensuality is covered; from cleansing the skin without stripping it of its natural oils, to moisturizing, to the therapeutic benefits of protecting it with oils or massage creams.

When you plan on spending quality time with someone very special, sensual gift baskets are the way to express love in a nurturing, thoughtful way.

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