Sensual Gifts for Him
Sea Salts

Among the most rejuvenating sensual gifts for him Sea salts as bath crystals are a natural way to help your guy wind down, decompress, and just plain feel good again, especially after a stressful day.

We hold so much tension in our bodies because we are surrounded constantly by bad news, personal disappointments, political strife, and tension at work. We all need a way to refresh the body, recharge the mind, and regenerate the spirit, and that all happens from simply sitting in a tub, soaking.

Years ago people put Epson Salts in their bathtub water to help them relax. Today, the Kama Sutra Company has a much more sensual approach called Treasure of the Sea.

It smells like the sea after a rainstorm--fresh, invigorating, rejuvenating.

Its minerals are from the sea. It feels like heaven. Its calming blue color works miraculously to help you wind down and find balance.

Consider how we, as humans, are 70% water and when we immerse ourselves in water that has elements of kelp and dulse in it, we acclimate ourselves to the building blocks of the sea, from whence we came.

Sensual gifts for him Sea Salts are the most conducive to romance.

With sea salts:

  • there aren’t any negative side effects,
  • does not challenge his masculinity,
  • nurtures him in a loving, gentle way, and
  • does it all quickly and effectively, leaving him with an abundance of energy for prolonged love-making.

This particular retreat to find sanity and calm is comparatively inexpensive to other forms of relaxation but just as effective for releasing tension from your muscles.

People forget that being tense makes you tired. It takes energy away.

Tension depletes your body of energy. Tension is a signal to the body that we are in a potentially harmful situation in which we must fight or run. That ‘fight or flight’ mode is not healthy and needs to be turned off daily.

Soaking in a tub with kelp and dulse feels so good and relaxes so effectively, after a relatively short time he’ll feel replenished, and ready to go.

Once out of the tub, the tension is gone leaving him feeling rejuvenated and enthused to get close because he feels good from the inside, out.

To make it a truly fun evening, join him in the tub. There’s always room for romance.

Among the many different sensual gifts for him Sea Salts is the most natural, most relaxing, and can be done with a minimal amount of equipment.

Basically, all you need is a tub, some warm water, and one scoop of the bath crystals.

Add gently flickering candles and soft music, and you’ve created a relaxing spa in your own home.

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