Sensual Goddess

A sensual goddess always has some kind of sensual erotica handy. Whether it’s in the atmosphere, in the air, on her sheets, or on her body, she knows what to use to transform lovemaking into the living art it can be.

To arouse attention and increase desire, never underestimate the power of scent. Lavender. According to the Smell and Taste Treatment & Research Foundation, this scent turns men into lustful crazed beasts.

Whether you wear perfume or spray your sheets, the results are going to be dynamic.

Apply fragrances such as sensual jasmine, neroli, sandalwood and patchouli to the woman’s lower stomach. During excitement, sexual heat releases the fragrance and unleashes his animal magnetism.

The sensual Goddess knows that shallow penetration is best since it is the bottom third of the vagina where most of her nerve endings are, as well as the G Spot.

Although his urge may be to thrust deeply, keep the penis head and specifically, the hypersensitive frenulum at the vaginal opening for building sexual tension. And remember, G Spot stimulation happens best with an empty bladder.

Especially if you have sex frequently, resist the urge to make love for a few days. Set an exact date and time to break the fast, but in the meantime, tease each other with deep kissing, erotic massage and light strokes whenever and wherever you catch the moment. You’ll build great anticipation.

When the time comes to culminate all that dressed up foreplay, keep sensual lubricant handy so robust penetration will feel delightful to both. If you can reach it, tickle his perineum with a feather light stroke.

Coat his testicles and penis with a heat producing body candy.   Lick it off entirely before intercourse making capital letters very slowly on each others genitals with your tongue. The product’s residue will continue stimulating his penis tissue while creating a hot tool for you!

Don’t forget the neck, gently kissing and sucking the points to the immediate left and right of the Adam’s apple. Trail the tip of your tongue around and over to the ear, give it a gentle tug with your lips, a light blow inside the ear, a dart in and out with your tongue, then watch him shiver with delight.

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