Sensual Hair

What is it about sensual hair that makes it so alluring, intoxicating nearly magical? Maybe its sensuality is directly related to its appeal to the many senses, including our imagination.

As it moves, it catches the eye, the attention, spurring on the sexual imagination. Its style, the way it catches the light, its aroma, are all part of its potentiality and its sexual and sensual appeal.

Playboy magazine has named a woman’s hair as the sexiest part of her body. Long, thick hair is the sexiest kind of hair a woman can have.

And although we spend billions of dollars a year to keep our hair beautiful, it seems not too many women realize how sexy it is or its sexual potentiality.

Although considered a woman’s crowning glory, many women don’t even consider it a part of their body.

They’ll color, cut, style, blow, mousse, gel, curl and straighten their locks, but disregard their tresses as part of the sexual and sensual package.

And yet, if a woman is having a ‘bad hair’ day, it impacts how sexy and attractive she feels. No other body part influences our attitudes about our sexiness and desirability more than hair. 

Over a lifetime, many women will allow the rest of their body to deteriorate, but no matter how the rest of her looks, every woman wants her hair to look nice.

This would indicate that the female’s self esteem is closely related to her hair.

When it is unmanageable, or sparse, she doesn’t feel sexy or attractive. Rather she feels undesirable and insecure about her appearance.

Is it the hair’s potentiality, its mysterious aroma or the creative style expressed by this mane that makes it such a sensual tool?

Short, straight, curly, or flowing locks have always caught our attention. 

Its softness can be used to stimulate any body part with the most delicate touch, as it caresses with silkiness, fragrance and flow.

Beautiful hair is considered the most attractive of the woman’s features, besides her eyes. But unlike eyes, it has the power to attract, seduce, and provoke lust with its concentrated scent, luxurious feel, and complementary style.

It is such a sensual part of the body, and so attractive in its scent, that many of the more conservative peoples of the world and religious organizations (such as nuns) don’t allow hair to show.

Longer and thicker hair holds a more potent scent, resulting in a greater sexual attraction.

But what is it about hair specifically that makes it a sensual part of the body? Sensual hair is a creative expression of the individual’s sexual persona.  

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If they see themselves as free spirited, that free spirit is reflected in their style.

If conversely, they want the world to see them as conservative, that, too, is reflected in the style, usually tight to the head, in either a bun or pony tail tied close to the back of the neck.

Sensual hair is all about its movement, shine, texture and scent. It is in the tufts of hair on the body, that is underarm, pubic and head hair that the scent of sex remains.

As a society that has rejected body hair, head hair is the last place where the pheromone scent can continue to attract as the true aphrodisiac that it is.

This intoxicating body part appeals to our feral natures. Our attraction to it is not logical, obvious or systematically explained.

Its potency is concealed in our DNA, but most definitely makes itself known when we stick our nose in our lover’s locks and take a deep whiff.

Everything you need to know about your chemistry is held in the scent of clean hair.

Flowing hair, moving in the breeze undulates while the body walks, dances, runs or keeps the beat of an pulsing rhythms. Can you deny how sensual hair creates excitement? What does yours say about you?

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