Sensual Ideas

Sensual ideas are the possibilities for creating variety in your love making to experience a world of pleasure, passion, joy and satisfaction.

Dare I say it? 

Human are NOT monogamous by nature.

We must do everything we possibly can to keep our body and our desire stoked for connections with our partner, that are meaningful and beautiful.  If we ignore the need for variety in our lovemaking, we risk robotism in our most intimate relations.  Especially in long term relationships, it is important to include considerations for the partner. It is too easy to start taking each other for granted. 

The difference between just having sex and sensual love is the degree of time, energy and forethought that lovers include in their intimate relationship.  Something as simple as showering together can be a loving,

It seems the one sensual idea that we all expect is a tasty meal.  That same expectation can be applied to helping titillate our sexual appetite, as well.  And just like we wouldn't want to eat the same meal every day for the rest of our lives -- we would tire of it -- so too, doing the same sexual acts in the same way each and every time there are 'relations' is a sure-fire way to put out any sexual interest.

Knowing and caring for each other translates into many different approaches that are sensually and sexually appealing. By adding diversity and novelty to what could easily become predictable and routine, the couple is keeping the libido lit and the passion alive. 

Foreplay begins in the morning and lasts all day.  That doesn't mean that you're together all day touching and fondling each other.  It means that you started off your day with a connection, a suggestion, a word of encouragement and desire that can manifest later.  Sweet words or gestures of affection are like putting a lit match to kindle.  It starts slowly as a tiny flame, but blown on, fanned, and given encouragement to grow will ignite your loins later on that day.

Mint Tree Cleansing Gel

Try making love in the shower. Whether it’s a warm bath, steam bath or Jacuzzi, pulsating water is always a good idea.

Rejuvenate the muscles with warm water.

It's especially nice to deplete our body’s stress hormones while helping us get more in the mood for l’amour.

Afterwards, take it further by adding a touch of mint tree cleansing gel to his penis. pH balanced, the bubbles tingle with mint exciting him all the more.

Try running his soapy shaft along your labia. If you decide to go all the way, have some lubricant handy, as water will wash away her natural lubrication.

While you’re in the shower, remember there is nothing more sensual than washing your partner’s hair.

With their head in your hands, you can wash away tension and introduce nurturance in your touch.

As a major erogenous zone, it feels absolutely exquisite.

Stimulating the ears, their lobes, and the small area behind the shell, gets you much more bang for your buck. The ears have so many of major erogenous zones in such a small area, a darting tongue or lightly probing small finger combined with gentle warm breath inside the ear canal can drive a lover crazy with desire.

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