Sensual Jewelry

Women have been wearing sensual jewelry since ancient days. The original and most provocative of all has been an enticing and exciting piece of expensive stone that was placed in the belly button. Belly dancers used these erotic, sexy pieces not only to enhance their dance, but as an enhancement of the female form.

The first truly sexy piece of jewelry I ever owned was a beautiful ruby belly button stone. With enough spirit glue to keep it in place, it drew attention to my flat abs and curvy mid-section. I only wish I had learned to belly dance. Still, it was truly a hit at the beach! Today, women are piercing their belly buttons for a more permanent design. To each her own; I just think it looks painful.

Women have been adorning their bodies with all manner of precious stones and minerals, from the crown to the toes. When we placed a value on these stones, these adornments not only served as decoration for the female body, they enhanced the value of the person wearing them.

Since women have been the property of men since recorded history, by displaying their owner’s jewelry, it advertised the wealth of the owner, including who owned that particular woman. From the first lowly wedding band which was a sign that she was ‘taken’, jewelry has been used not only to enhance their beauty, but as a sign of ownership.

Today’s sensual jewelry is getting a little more personal. Non piercing and piercing clitoral jewelry are not only meant for the beautification of the body, but to add sensitivity to the jeweled area.

Nipple jewelry is also available in both pierced and non-piercing styles. I can’t decide which I like better, although I tend towards the non-piecing type. Non-piercing nipple jewelry holds the blood into the erogenous zone, keeping the area highly sensitized only when you want it that way.

When you pierce an area with an actual needle, there’s the initial pain (not pleasurable at all!) and then the sensitivity is ALWAYS heightened. I don’t know about you, but when I’m food shopping or at a PTO meeting, that is not the time I want excited clitoris or nipples. There is a time and place for everything, after all.

Sensual jewelry will always have a place in our modern society as an expression of value within the relationship. Let’s hope that its value doesn’t circumvent what is really important, that is true love, which has no monetary value.

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