Sensual Kiss

The sensual kiss has the potential for fueling passion. It can be placed on the forehead, eyes, facial cheeks, throat, chest, breasts, lips and inside of the mouth. Many have placed their kiss on a woman’s inner thigh, crook of the arm and on the navel.

Always sentimental and sweet, these specific kisses named in the Kama Sutra, are meant for different areas of the body to produce distinct levels of arousal.

The first is called the ‘nominal’, which is a plain kiss on the mouth, as the lips of the two potential lovers are brought into contact, mouths closed.

Next, the ‘moving’ kiss has the girl gently squeezing her lover’s lower lip between her lips. She then draws it into her mouth with a sort of sucking motion.

In the ‘touching’ kiss, she touches her lover’s lip with her tongue, with eyes closed, and places her two hands in his.

Other kisses from the Kama Sutra are named ‘straight’, ‘bent’, ‘turned’ and ‘pressed’.

In the ‘straight’ kiss, the two lips are applied directly to each other, considered the least passionate kiss.

In the ‘bent kiss’, the two lovers heads are inclined, eyes looking deeply into each other. As they bend their lips toward each other; more of a delicate pecking, coquettish style of connecting, their lips pucker and touch gently.

In the ‘turned kiss’ one of the lovers turns the other’s head towards him with his hand, while holding his partner’s chin with the other hand.

A kiss is said to be ‘pressed’, when one of the partners presses the lower lip of the other person with his two lips.

It is said to be ‘very pressed’, when, having taken the lips between two fingers the lovers touches it with his tongue and presses it hard with one lip.

When the man kisses the upper lip of the woman while she, in return, kisses his lower lip, it is the ‘kiss of the upper lip’. When one lover takes in the lips of his partner, it is the ‘clasping’ kiss.

When during this kiss, his tongue touches the teeth and palate of the other person, it is called the ‘fight of the tongue’. The modern name for it is the “French kiss.

The kiss should be moderate, contracted, pressed or soft, depending on the part of the body to which it is applied. The range of kisses can include sucking on the nipples—an act which is a natural prelude to intercourse.

For a sensual kiss to arouse passion, it must be slightly moist but not overly wet, with sweet breath that is pleasant and inviting. The lover’s lips come to each other softly and must not be chapped, dry, or rough. It can never be rushed. Delivered almost intuitively, an understanding unsaid, it is heightened with anticipation.

The sensual kiss is always delicate. Trail a tongue along the inner lip to tantalize even further, which sparks up the lips’ inherent sensitivity. Meet once again, lips to lips, and ever so softly, feel the numerous nerve endings meet and greet the other.

As recommended by the Kama Sutra, when it comes to the sensual kiss, “whatever one of the lovers may do to the other, the same should be returned by the other person; kiss for kiss, caress for caress, blow for blow.”

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