Sensual Kissing

Sensual kissing is the key to a romantic relationship. Whether it is tender, passionate, hungry, or just well delivered, a kiss expresses so much more of an emotional statement than anything else we do.

There are reasons why lip-locking is sometimes more intimate than getting into a partner’s pants. From the moment we’re born, most of us are kissed constantly by people who love us. We grow to associate kissing with love.

It is the first thing lovers share with each other that will forever linger in their minds and hearts. It is also the first thing that is abandoned when the relationship is over.

No other expression of physical love can say, express, or deliver as much as the pressing of lips together.

Another reason kissing is so powerful is because so many of the major senses have their outlets on the human face. With so much sensory apparatus located on or near the face, the lips in particular are exquisitely sensitive to touch.

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Kissing is often a prelude to other things, but it is not just a preliminary to intercourse. There are plenty of times when kissing is all there is. Some people experience make-out sessions as hotter than a lot of the intercourse they’ve had.

Let’s examine the elements of what makes sensual kissing so unforgettable and sexy.

The lips should be moist, not dripping with saliva. Turn off the slobber. An overly wet mouth is a turn-off. Please don’t eat her mouth. A good kiss can make her wet with desire, with only the softest touch. Be gentle. Don’t swallow a woman’s entire face into your mouth or dig your teeth into her cheeks. Gently explore with the tongue. Lightly suck on her lips and tongue. If your partner is into it as much as you, kiss with good suction, not lazily.

Lips should not be chapped, or dry. Heal them with moisturizers so they are soft, receptive and sensitive.

Kisses that happen spontaneously, joyfully, because of true love are the best. Kisses that are hesitant pecks, done more out of appreciation for goods and services can never be considered sensual kissing.

Start with a really light touch. Barely brush your lips against hers. Be very aware of her response. Increase the pressure ever so slightly when she begins to meet your lips. Eventually, touch the tip of your tongue to her lips. If she opens her mouth, you can let your tongue enter just the smallest bit, but try not to force her mouth open.

French kissing is not meant as a tongue to tonsils dive. Don’t hold your breath. Breathe through your nose. And although it may be exciting, deep throating for long periods of time is no fun. Like numerous other body parts, enjoy variety in the way you kiss.

Keep in mind that eyelids, ears, noses, cheeks, foreheads and of course the neck, are excellent areas to kiss, as well. Skin folds or creases tend to be very sensitive and respond excitedly to lips. Sensitive spots include the back of the knees, the fronts of the elbows, the nape of the neck, under breasts, armpits, crotches, between fingers and toes, and behind ears.

It is raunchy to kiss with pieces of food stuck to your teeth so brush and floss before the make-out session. If you’re eating garlic or onions, share the meal with your partner. Flossing or brushing won’t put a dent in breath that’s laced with these strong odors. The only thing you can do is share the offense.

Flossing and brushing can make you far more attractive to a partner than wearing expensive cologne or sucking on a fistful of breath mints.

Try tongue scraping the back of your tongue once a day with the flat edge of a spoon.

The best way to learn about sensual kissing is to ask your partner to kiss you the way he or she likes to be kissed.

Just sit back and let him or her take over; you’ll learn all kinds of things.

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