Sensual Knowledge

Sensual knowledge is gained via our senses as a means to interpret the world around us. Because of it we decide what tastes, feels, sounds, looks, and smells good.

If we can trust our instincts and match them with our senses, it is the most reliable way to learn.

Your senses have their purposes; to teach and protect us.

Especially when it comes to the sense of taste, our taste buds have a clear preference for wanting us to digest things that won’t kill us.

This inherent wisdom is with us from the beginning of life.

Our sensual experiences become our personal reference points to make determinations in what we will allow in and on our body.

We absorb the environment in limited and specific ways to know what works for us and what doesn’t.

If our choice is to ignore the lessons of the senses, it is just a matter of time before there is an imbalance in the organism.

It is through the corporeal body that we literally experience our sensory apparatus, which when heeded will guide us to good.

These digested morsels of information help us to make sense of our world.

Pay close attention to them; they are the guides, the signposts of how to live an extraordinary life in ordinary ways, which is as close to natural as possible.

Although our senses are the most reliable source for understanding and appreciating our existence, they often ignored.

We’d rather follow fads and advertisers as a reliable source for direction rather than a natural approach to life.

If we are going to wholly appreciate our inherent sensual knowledge as the important guide to living a natural healthy life, we’re going to have to listen a little closer.

Some sensory lessons are not experiences we need to make to understand their consequences.

If you put your hand in the fire, will it not burn?

If you lick a frozen pole on a dare, will it not get stuck? Although these are some of the more drastic sensual experiences, they point to a certain level of sensual knowledge. Most of us heed them. Some do not.

People who must learn through their own experience are testing their sensual limits to understand the world around them, sometimes in a negative way.

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It is not wrong to experiment with our corporal selves.

When we use experimentation, we can learn to act responsibly when we pursue pleasure toward bliss, which is our natural state of being.

Then, and only then, can you coexist with your essence in living healthy.

Set up a sensual environment to inspire the body, mind and passion to match the mood.

Sensual knowledge in the performance of sexual activities takes on a whole new level of appreciation.

Apply it to sexual playtime.

Make the basic sex act sex so much more exciting.

Simply because there are so many varieties of sensual pleasures, we can enjoy so much more.

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