Sensual Lingerie

Sensual lingerie is the costume of creative sensual love. When Shakespeare said ‘all the world’s a stage’, he acknowledged how we create life from fantasy and how the world sees us. When creating sexual fantasy, sensual lingerie must be included. It makes a statement about our inner life. It helps us relate to the character we’re creating. It makes us feel sexy, sensual, like a love goddess when wearing it. What we reveal about our inner sexual selves is revealed with our outer sexual accoutrements.

When lingerie is at its best, it minimizes the negative and accentuates the positive. Whatever body part is less than perfect, wearing a minimum layer of material can do wonders to hide real or imagined flaws. Disguising flaws in beautiful colors and enticing materials inspires self confidence and feelings of desirability.

To maximize its pleasure it should be worn for as long as possible. Teddies or baby dolls with exposed breasts and/or crotch don’t “get in the way” and can be worn throughout foreplay.

Deciding on a style for an anticipated rendezvous is, in a way, directing the focus the rendezvous will take. Initiating a beginning can help direct the outcome.

When the woman initiates by visually enticing her mate, it is the often done with lingerie.

Instead of leaving foreplay up to him, she’s initiating the direction, thus taking more responsibility for her own pleasure.

Baby Doll

Shelf Bra


With so many styles, there is bound to be at least one for each body type. The female's sensual skin is enhanced and far more fetching in flattering undercover styles. These take on a life of their own while creating a sensual art form with the female body.

For example, a French or Shelf Bra allows naked breasts to maintain their cleavage. A baby doll suggests coquettishness, innocence and sweetness. The long gown is at the heart of seduction and romance. The softness of lingerie material and the risque style hint at the softness of her skin underneath and the endless possibilities for pleasure. The feminine body in lingerie becomes a living fantasy.

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