Sensual Love Making

What is the difference between sensual love making and just ‘having sex’? The biggest difference is that inherent in its name, sensual lovemaking utilizes all of the senses. Forethought, knowledge, a deep caring and respect unveil the pleasures and heighten the eroticism.

The other is a bare bones approach to getting it on. Its quick to get it in, and ‘get off’. The sensual art of love making makes sex the most beautiful part of the human experience.

The other approach is a basic carnal need. When people talk about explosions, heights of ecstasy, and seriously getting off, their experience includes sensual passion.

When love making is sensual you can be sure there’s been a gentle seduction. That is, the mind is the first major erogenous zone that is titillated with erotic suggestion to get the juices flowing. 

Especially important for women, the female mind needs to be stimulated for body to be able to ‘get off’. If the sexual liaison is predictable, rushed, unnecessarily rough, or one-sided, it is difficult if not impossible for her to build enough sexual tension to get excited.


It takes an experienced lover at least twenty minutes of physical and mental stimulation to arouse the average female so she has enough blood in her genitals to be able to orgasm.

Just like the penis needs to fill with blood for erection and orgasm, so too, the female genitals have to fill with blood, but it just takes longer.

There’s nothing wrong with her design. Once a sensual woman gets excited, she can have multiple orgasms and there’s nothing wrong with that!

But it takes a little longer for her to get to that point. For it to be considered love-making at all, it should take a minimum of twenty minutes (or longer) for both partners to reach a state of panting with desire to reach a state of bliss.

Add candles, massage oil, a feather tickler, some erotic suggestions and/or poetry, a little fantasy, and some sensual sexy lingerie to engage the imagination. Voila!

You'll have created the foundation for sensual love making!

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