Sensual Loving

We all need moments of sensual loving in our romantic relationships. It’s not enough just to say “I love you”. We must learn to enjoy the sensual nature of our communion with our lover, and through the senses of touch, taste, smell, sound and sight, bring our expression of love to new levels of joy and bliss. That is why we are here. That is our right and natural ability as humans.

This kind of loving is beyond words, beyond gifts, beyond possessions, location or material objects that supposedly illustrate desire.

It is the kind of loving that brings together two bodies that are chemically meant for one another. They, in essence, are drawn to each other.

The animal attraction between them is undeniable, and as if they can read each other’s mind, they react to each other with exactly the right response.

What differentiates this type of special bond from the run-of-the-mill roses and chocolates courtship?

It is the appreciation of each others' touch, scent, body type, sound of their voice and taste of their lips and skin. It is an intimate knowing and sensitivity that makes making love almost spiritual.

Although this can include silk sheets, the perfect wine, scented candles creating an environment for romance, and the perfect meal of light foods that will fuel your fire and not bog you down, these only complement to the human interaction.

One such evening happened on a particular Valentine’s Day. This time the husband prepared a thoughtful dinner.

There were candles, soft sexy music to dance slowly to, and the smell of flowers and fillet mignon wafting through the air.

Our special loving started with dressing in our most comfortable silks; he in his boxer and robe, me in my chemise.

He smelled so good. The music brought us together for a kiss; a long, slow, passionate embrace that tasted so sweet, we couldn’t stop wanting more.

That beautiful kiss was the beginning of our romance that led us to hold each other passionately, to start moving our bodies in the most sensual, seductive ways. This was the beginning of sensual loving. I wish the same to you as well.

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