Sensual Lube

Sensual lube is a good idea whenever there is rigorous sexual activity.

There are many different kinds of sensual lube varieties on the market today. There is the water based, unflavored kind, which imitates the woman’s natural fluid, adding no flavor or scent, and particularly favored by extremely sensitive individuals.

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One well known water based lubricant is KY Jelly. Recommended by the medical profession to their patients who experienced occasional vaginal dryness, it was originally invented for the gynecological exam to lubricate the speculum for the Paps smear exam.

Since doctors were not familiar with the many sensual lube products available, when asked they’d suggest KY Jelly. They were doctors, after all, not sex therapists!


KY Jelly does not hold up very well under rigorous sexual activity. It becomes tacky, sticky and drying, has an unpleasant flavor, and is not at all conducive to sexual comfort.

Then there is the water based, flavored formula, for those who like to experiment with sensations, which usually has an accompanying heat with the flavor.

Relatively new on the scene are silicone based lubes, and of course there are petroleum based lubricants that have been a sexual staple for many years.

Knowing what you’ll need the lubricant for will help you make a better decision on which one to buy. Some are better than others, of course, but there are a few basic differences to understand to get the one you’ll need.

Anal lubricants for instance, are usually the thickest and include a desensitizer to numb the area slightly.

Although silicone lubes are popular today, it is important to understand their limitations. First, they shouldn’t be used with silicone skinned vibrators. Silicone on silicone will destroy the material and render your toy useless.

Even though they last an extraordinarily long time, they don’t readily wash off. So the lube you used on Saturday night could still be on your skin two weeks later.

Because they are extremely slippery, they are often used for sex in the shower. Just one drop spilt on the tub floor is an accident waiting to happen. Extreme caution should be used when using a silicone lubricant in the shower.

Made out of the same petroleum jelly as Vaseline, it is NOT Vaseline. Straight Vaseline should never be used in or on the vagina. Pushed into the vagina with intercourse, it doesn’t flush out quickly.

Lining the walls with Vaseline could easily lead to a bacterial infection. If you’re going to use a petroleum based lubricant, make sure it is intended for intercourse.

Another restriction to petroleum based lubricants is that they should never be used on adult toys. Especially when it comes to toys that penetrate the vagina, cleanliness is next to godliness. You don’t want any germs or bacteria growing that would wreak havoc to the very sensitive vagina.

Washing your toy after each use to its original brand new state is extremely important. If you’ve used a petroleum based lubricant on porous material, it may not be clean enough for a second use.

Always use a water based lubricant with your adult toys. It just makes sense to lubricate the external areas of your body, especially when you’re applying vibration, which causes friction, which causes dryness, to super sensitive areas that don’t produce their own lubrication.

Since most women experience clitoral orgasms, using a vibrator on the clitoris requires that you use a sensual lube to keep the area slick.

The friction from the vibration and its related dryness are kept to a minimum, and the pleasurable sensations are heightened to the maximum. After all, everything is better when wet!

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