Sensual Massage Clips

These sensual massage clips are excellent resources for learning how to give penetrating, relaxing, and intimately close techniques for massaging a loved one.

On this page I have researched and found some of the best sensual massage clips that are out there. I present them to you for your viewing pleasure, but also as a learning tool to take with you into your most important relationship.

By learning these massage techniques you’ll have the ability to help your partner relax by drawing out their stress and helping to dissipate it under your loving touch.

In this world of politically correct or incorrect behavior, touch has become a ‘red flag’ word. That is a shame as we are meant to touch one another in a loving, caring manner.

The further we separate ourselves from that truth, the more difficult it becomes to relax.

Not all sensual massages lead to intimacy, pleasure and romance, though.

Although their employment is sometimes meant to increase pleasure for the total being, the sensual caress is often associated as a language without words.

Moving over the body curves of another is a connection to another human being that is understood beyond words, ideas, or events.

It is a place where every sensual couple would do well to go as often as their hectic schedules will allow.

Its connection is deeper than any words of love, gifts of appreciation, or any material offering that represents affection.

It is a means of transporting us from a stressful existence to pleasure town and a pleasure experience that is only available by the skilled and loving hands of another.

As it is, unlike masturbation, you cannot give yourself a sensual massage. You can only receive the gifts of one.

If time allows, it is a good idea to enjoy a sensual bath with sensual salts before the massage. Immersing yourself in warm, comfortable water reaches and penetrates every hard working muscle.

The sensual aroma of the sea salts as well as other sensual body products, such as a loofah, bath pillow or scented candles, does a great job to increase libido and receptiveness to intimacy.

After the pleasure experience of a good soaking bath, the body is half as stressed, nervous and tense as it was before the bath and more receptive to having every area, including the usually ticklish feet, be touched.

In these sensual massage clips, the receiver trusts the one doing the massage. Without total trust one certainly cannot relax as much as is necessary for the massage to do its restorative work. And massage, whether sensual or otherwise, is meant to be restorative.

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